Rules on renting a 4 bedroom property out to 3 Professionals

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    Rules on renting a 4 bedroom property out to 3 Professionals

    Hi everyone , i am new here and i have just after our first 1 year let to a couple found out they are moving to be near their parents as they are expecting second baby and they need family nearer so they can both work !. They where great tenants and we where a bit gutted they where leaving as they where our first tenants . Anyway my question is regarding letting the property to hopefully three working professionals to maximise the rent a little and i just wondered if i need to let council know and what i needed to provide ( hopefully someone on this forum has this kind of experience ) . Thank you for reading and please be kind .

    That's going to be an HMO and your local authority will be able to confirm whether it needs a licence or not.

    The regulations for an HMO are quite comprehensive even without a licence.
    Including (but not limited to):
    • To provide all occupiers with the manager's name, address and telephone number, this information must be clearly displayed within the property
    • To ensure that all fire escapes are clear of any obstacles and that they are kept in good order, to ensure that all fire safety measures are maintained in good working order and that adequate fire safety measures are in place with regards to the design, structural conditions and number of occupiers in the HMO
    • The manager must maintain adequate water supply and drainage to the dwelling
    • The manager must not unreasonably cause the electric and gas supply to be interrupted
    • The manager must ensure that every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested by a suitably qualified person, at intervals not exceeding five years
    • The manager must provide the electrical and gas inspection certificates within seven days of receiving a request in writing from the local housing authority
    • To ensure that all common parts of the HMO are maintained in good decorative order, and safe and working condition. This includes outbuildings, boundaries and gardens
    • The manager must ensure each unit of living accommodation and its contents are clean before occupiers move in and are maintained in good repair and clean working order throughout the occupation by the tenant
    • The manager must provide adequate facilities to dispose of all waste produced by the property

    Some of these are more onerous than they appear - the "fire safety measures" one probably involves hiring a specialist and doing what they suggest (which will probably involve a wired fire alarm system, higher than "normal" standard of fire resistance in internal doors, heat sensitive fire alarms in kitchen(s) and proper fire escape routes)

    There are also planning implications for an HMO as it is a distinct "type" of property. It's possible the local authority will not allow the conversion.

    If you have a mortgage on the property you may need the lender's permission to operate it as an HMO and you will probably need to consider specialist insurance.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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