Tenants room a health hazard as tenant not cleaning.

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    Tenants room a health hazard as tenant not cleaning.

    I have 2 tenants sharing a room in a registered HMO in England, and both have very poor standard of hygiene.

    Each month I have visited, the room is full of black bin bags, full of rubbish which stinks - tenant informs me that there is no room in the bin - but there are 6 large willy bins for 8 tenants. The worktop surface has months of mould growing on top of the previous months mould, which is now spreading to my furniture.

    I have given tenants ample time to clean and bring the room to a suitable standard, but there is no change in the room, whilst, they have never been known to use the shower or wash their clothes and all other tenants are wanting action to be taken.

    I'm looking at serving Section 21 this weekend, but was wondering if there is anywhere suitable in a Section 8 for eviction.

    There are no arrears etc as both tenants work, but one works in the kitchen in local Pub, but happy to make a cup of tea, using tea bags with mould growing on them.

    Thanks in advance.

    Any section 8 grounds would be discretionary, but they are available if the tenancy agreement contains terms which their behaviour is breaching.
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