Electrical and additonal checks for HMO Property

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    Electrical and additonal checks for HMO Property

    I manage an HMO with 12 rooms.
    I renew the following certificates:
    Gas - yearly
    Fire Alarm Panel & Emergency Lights - yearly
    Electrics - every 5 years

    As there's a high turn over of tenants - should i be doing more frequent electrical checks? Although the council only want to see the 5 year electric certificate, i feel 5 years is too far part with lots of tenancy changes.

    The council never ask me for these neither:
    PAT test
    Legionnaires check
    Fire Risk Assessments

    Should i be doing any of these?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Communal area PATs should probably be done on the same basis as hotels, i.e. at least every two years. Individual room ones, should probably be done between tenants. Obviously any sign of abuse should trigger a more complete check. Note that double insulated devices normally only need a visual check.

    I've not been in a situation where I was responsible for stored water.

    Fire risk assessments should be reviewed if there are any changes. and, otherwise, annually. I would suggest any change of tenant should trigger a review, although it might conclude there is no change in the risks. I think the general guidance is to do a complete one every five years, ore if there have been significant changes. I think the general understanding is that you do reviews yourself, but it is better to have a consultant for the full assessment.


      My understanding is that a legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement for all rented property but it can be conducted by any competent person, (including the landlord/HMO Manager)


        PAT and fire risk can also be done by any competent person. That doesn't make it a good idea for the landlord to do the full fire risk assessment themselves.


          Quite right. I do my own legionella assessment because its more straightforward and a much smaller risk, but I wouldnt do a fire risk assessment as there is much more involved, a higher risk and much higher profile consequences.


            Originally posted by BernardF View Post

            As there's a high turn over of tenants - should i be doing more frequent electrical checks?
            I used to ask the electrician to do an interim or visual check at the same time as the alarm check each year and action any recommendations. I also used to arrange for a PAT on an annual basis. I also provided most of the electrical items in the communal areas and so I could control that - items under 12 months old do not need to be tested.

            I also used to talk to the tenants when they signed up and told them any personal electrical items must be tested. You need to watch for phone chargers being left in sockets which is a fire risk I understand.


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