Fire and Smoke Door seals - needed for EVERY firedoor? or only entrances to units ?

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    Fire and Smoke Door seals - needed for EVERY firedoor? or only entrances to units ?

    I have fitted fire doors to all the doors both *within* separate residential units/flats within an building, and also to the *entrance doors* of each unit that adjoins the communal entrance hall.

    However, I have just realised that Fire and Smoke Door Seals were not fitted for some reason, so I am about to fit some.

    Does anyone know whether both or either the 2005 fire safety regs AND/OR the general building regs require these seals to be fitted to EVERY fire door throughout the building, or only to the entrance doors of each flat within a building ?

    It seems that fire safety inspection in line with 2005 only requires inspection of the communal area. However, if i'm fitting them, i want to comply also with wider building regs that presumaby apply to the whole building, including doors inside the separate flats (if the regs require that).

    Thank you very much if you've done this for compliance, and therefore know

    with kind regards

    Fire seals should be fitted to every FD30 door. "Fire doors" without intumescent seals aren't going to be fire doors.

    Smoke seals should generally not be fitted to internal doors as they tend to delay the operation of smoke alarms, unless you have linked detectors in every room.



      Any door opening onto a communal escape route is likely to required smoke seals.


        Thank you very much.

        I'll do the entrances to each unit.

        If i get told to upgrade the rest, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it


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