newbie landlord wants to know, HMO costs, are these normal?

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    I've never had a charge from a letting agent to do anything as low as £20 (ever).
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      I apologise for adding to an older thread.

      I agree with Leaseholder64 . A fire door needs to be prepared once purchased and routering arranged , transporting, measuring, cutting, fitting locks, closers etc and are not a trivial tasks.I also believe parking can be difficult in some areas of Edinburgh. By their very definition HMOs have risks attached . I have entered a bedroom in a HMO and found a lit unattended candle. People put clothes on heaters or smoke out of windows. In short the fire precautions need to be 100%. A fire assessment is also required to cover the landlord particularly where students are involved - without it you run the risk of prosecution in the event of an incident that is deemed preventable.

      In my area Agents are reluctant to take on HMOs, and if they do they charge a higher fee because they are more difficult to manage. The returns on a three bedroom flat are potentially doubled if is it is a HMO as opposed to a family let and accordingly the risks and management costs are higher. In this case the agent is taking on this work because the OP is working away and the agent seems to be looking after her interests in her absence. I have arranged fire doors in my own property and I had difficulty finding suitable workmen to do the work - at any cost! You can always change agent if you wish but bear in mind that they seem to have tried to help here and if you alienate them they will not be working in your best interests when finding and managing tenants.Also the law in Scotland is different to that in England and as such, you may find agents may have to operate in a different way in your area .

      I would advise any new landlord to go on an approved introductory course, attend landlord meetings and network with other landlords. You may find that owning and letting property is a business and not a hands-off investment .


        Dear Fellow Landlords, I was very uncomfortable with the fact that I was charged £293 for 'remove existing front door lock as fitting incorrectly' so asked the letting agent persistently and waited for a month and got the invoice yesterday. In the first invoice sent ~ 19October18, all things that were charged £0 eg 'double bed frame loose, screw fitting loose...£0','Supply and fit toilet seat for bathroom.......£0',' supply and fit candle bulbs for light fitting in bedroom and kitchen.. £0', etc now cost £25, £38, £26 respectively, the other things are also colour coded in attachments. I was never informed or authorised the things costing '£0' in the first invoice. besides the 'double bed frame loose, screw fitting loose' l had been informed by the letting agent that the bed infact had no problem, because after moving it to another part of the room it was fine, we concluded it must have been the unlevel floor level in flat. Also for ' supply and fit candle bulbs for light fitting in bedroom and kitchen' and changing batteries in smoke alarms, aren't the tenants responsible for them? It is a SAT agreement. I am considering asking for refund for all the items I was not initially informed about and charged at hyperinflated prices for. It is full management and l don't live in Edinburgh but I had informed them at the start that any work needing done must have me notified initially, also none of the works are considered safety hazard or priority. We have passed the council HMO requirements but are still awaiting the licence, but the letting agent said they have good news for me, that they have filled the 2 spare rooms with two tenants, so there are now 4. I am not sure if this is legal, so if I do change for a reputable property manager, won't the 2 new tenants have to be evicted until the licence is received?Please advise. Thanks in advance.
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