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    PAT testing cert

    Dear Forum,

    I have a registered HMO and new council official wanting to see numerous cert etc which I have, however I have my own PAT tester (callibrated) and get someone to do the tests for me who simply attended a 1 day course through their work.

    They cant give certificates etc, but I was of the understanding that a competent person can carry out this task, which is done yearly on all my own appliances etc and on the tenants when they move in, as often a dodgy laptop etc could trip the house.

    I just want to make sure that what I'm doing is OK before letting the council know, as it seems that the list of things to do is getting longer and longer.

    Thanks for any help.

    I think that doing nothing may be better than letting an unregistered electrician "tinker" with the appliances but I guess it may depends on whether PAT testing is a licence requirement


      The test consist of plugging each appliances into a hand held tester to confirm wires etc are fitted correctly. A visual inspection and then a sticker stuck on the plug to confirm its safe. Council wants certificates to confirm this has been done, but I'm reading that a competent person can do this test, just like those who test and sell for the charity shops.



        Anyone who has done PAT training will have been shown how to issue a certificate - one certificate for each dwelling. This isn't the same as the sticker that might be put on the appliance. A competent person in this context is someone who has done the PAT training, and doesn't have to have NICEIC (or a similar body's) certification.

        Your PAT tester will almost certainly have been issued with a pad of such certificates by the outfit who trained them (google PAT certrificate template to see what they might look like) - this is certainly the case with the training done via the NLA. Maybe he's run out of certificates? if so, it's easy to generate some more.

        This is probably what the council wants to see, and what your tester should have issued you with. I'd reckon that such a person would certainly have issued certificates if doing work for a charity shop, although charity shops wouldn't be selling electrical appliances if they didn't work - which is different from electrical safety, so a second hand washing machine has to work as a washing machine should, and be safe,.


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