Tenant has wife come to stay in HMO .

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    Hi just a question. I have tried to post my situation but not sure where it went. So please could somebody tell me where to get this s8g 10 and 12 as the only info I can get only goes up to 9 on section 8
    many thanks
    Alice in wonderland


      You probably had it sent to the moderator because the hair trigger spam filter took exception to it. It will turn up eventually.



        The last post from Alice in Wonderland prior to the above was posted 17-02-2016, 14:05 PM, I can see no related pending posts.

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          Update: the t's rent and charge for the wife was due on Monday for that Monday and the Monday before (as I was on holiday).No rent was paid and no notice was given. One of the other Ts says the couple have left but due to the T telling the council I'd forced entry (I hadn't) and illegally evicted him (I've not) I have been advised by the council not to enter the room so I couldn't check. I have texted him asking him to clarify the situation but have received no reply. Knowing this T he might be trying to trick me into illegally evicting him if I let the room out to somebody else. I'm going to give 24 hours notice to inspect and put up an abandonment notice with a response required within 14 days, and will text him to say this. I've also started the money claim route for the charge for his wife to stay and will be adding the rent owing due to no notice (the charge for his wife covers the loss I have due to not being able to let the 5th room in the house as there would be 6 people and one toilet) and there were two weeks in his tenancy when he was asleep and didn't pay the rent - they'll be added.


            Update: I issued a MCOL and at the last minute T disputed it. He then asked to go for mediation then changed his mind. It went to court, he didn't turn up and I was awarded most of what I asked for, still a substantial amount (just under £3k). He's not paid so I've instigated an attachment of earnings (AE) and he's refused to complete the paperwork so the bailiffs are going round to hand him the paperwork. Apparently, if he refuses to comply after the bailiffs have done all they can, he can go to gaol.


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