HMO property, Landlord advise on adding extra room connected to a Kitchen.

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    HMO property, Landlord advise on adding extra room connected to a Kitchen.


    I have a successful HMO property in Swansea which is currently let as 7 bed for students, I wish to expand it from 7 to 8 bedrooms by way of converting the front living room into a bedroom and substantially expanding the kitchen with an extension which will cover an joining side path.

    However doing this gives me some challenges in regard to compliance as the rear facing downstairs bedroom window which currently looks into the alley will become part of the kitchen. I am aware that i cannot have a window looking into a kitchen as this would be considered a fire risk, so a fire door will be put in place of the window. The bedroom also has another firedoor which leads onto a protected fire escape route.

    Now the room at this point has no window or natural light, however the room has an external pitched roof above where the window used to be. My plan is then to fit a large velux style window in the pitched roof which the tenant can open easily, thus giving fresh air into the room and most importantly natural light.

    The only downside to this is that the room will not have a direct horizontal view outside, but i cannot find anything to suggest that a tennant requires a horizontal view as part of HMO regulations, it only seems to talk about being able to get fresh air and to be a minimum size for natural uninterrupted sun light.

    Can anyone see any problems with my proposal before i speak to council.

    I have attached a floor plan so you can see what i mean and also an external view of the room with the pitched roof so where the room window would go.
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    Attic rooms have velux windows and they're ok , but I'm no expert. I'd check with the council. Also think about when you come to sell - would the property still be attractive to, say, a family?


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