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  • Singhno1
    What borough is it.

    for eg additional licence fees for
    Camden is £495
    Newham is £750 but
    Ealing is £110

    Then if property contain flats they individuals will fall prey to licence as a separate entity.

    So overall Camden is fair of them all.

    Still I think for a property with separate fself contained flats should have not been under this scheme unless individual flat is operating as HMO. This should have been only targeted at rouge LL not honest ones who are doing their best to keep afloat. What they should have said to good LL is to install a fire alarm as part of the safety procedure.

    Anyhow after all the bodies like RLA NLA etc fighting against it they gave up and embrace it.

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  • greenhso
    started a topic HMO Licensing Fees

    HMO Licensing Fees

    Hi all,

    What are your opinions on the current costs set by your local authority for HMO licensing fees?

    Do you think £715 is unreasonable? Obviously, a local authority cannot profit from such fees. But given the lengths Housing Officers must go to to satisfy conditions of licencing, whether landlords and managers are 'fit and proper' persons etc. etc., is this figure likely to rouse an uproar from landlords who do not currently fall under mandatory licensing of HMOs but will do come 1 October 2018?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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