Having to be married to form a single household...

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  • KJ3
    Also a friend of mine just raised a very good point.

    He was brought up by his mother and step father and didn’t move from the rented family home until the age of 28, that too would have been classed as a HMO.

    So any rental properties out there with a step-month/father and a son/daughter over 18 is classed as a HMO??

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  • KJ3
    started a topic Having to be married to form a single household...

    Having to be married to form a single household...

    I really cant get my head around this...

    Law states that a property is a HMO if there are more than 3 people living in a property that form more than one household. It classes a household as one individual, members of the same family (brother/father/aunt/cousin/etc) and married couples.

    I have a couple living in one of my properties that have been together 18 years, but are not married. The male recently moved his brother into the property as he's had some personal problems and they are all very close.

    The council did an fire safety inspection on the property (seem to be targeting certain areas) and found the property to be operating as a HMO and in breach of fire safety regulations.

    I was informed by the council that if the couple were married then it would not be a HMO!

    I can't understand how a wedding ring determines the difference between a property being safe, or being a fire hazard. How you can not class two people as a family just because they are not married.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this...

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