Can I apply for a HMO licence rather than Planning Permission

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    Can I apply for a HMO licence rather than Planning Permission

    I have a 3 bed flat which I think meets LA HMO guidelines. If I wanted to convert one of the bedrooms to have an ensuite shower room with cooking facilities do I need separate planning permission? The other 2 rooms in the flat would share a kitchen and shower room.

    I believe in many areas, you need Planning Permission for HMO before you could apply for an HMO license, they exist seperately. Planning permission is mostly attached to the property (from C3 to C4) while the license is held by the landlord.

    Some cases if you can proof your property has been used as HMO before the introduction of the planning permission by the LA, you can avoid having to apply Planning permission.

    You do not need planning permission to convert the ensuite, but you would need both planning permission and licensing (depending on LA policy) if you are planning on using the whole house as HMO.

    Usually steps are like this:

    1. Obtain Planning permission for HMO (C4).
    2. Carry out the work on the house for HMO (Fireproof doors, extra bathrooms etc)
    3. Obtain HMO license.
    4. Start taking in tenants.

    Hope it helps.


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