Having a rude guest stay in our shared home for a month rent free. Is this OK?

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    Having a rude guest stay in our shared home for a month rent free. Is this OK?

    live in a house share with my partner and a house mate we found on spare room.
    We each have our own room although I tend to sleep in my partners as he has the double bed. Me and the housemate pay rent, my partner only pays bills as the house we are renting is his mothers (she doesn’t live there, but is renting out as any other landlord).

    For the past three weeks his sister has been staying with us, she has moved a lot of stuff in and for the first two weeks insisted on sleeping with my partner in the double bed until he asked her if she didn’t mind sleeping downstairs on a mattress.

    I usually wouldn’t mind this but the issue is that she is very rude to me. She has had an attitude problem with me since day once, never makes conversation with me, and doesn’t even say hi when she comes into the house. She hasn’t asked anyone in the house if it is ok for her to stay so long, she leaves her mess lying around (which I usually end up having to tidy), she uses my things without asking, and despite the fact I have tried to be nice to her and make an effort with her for 5 years, her attitude towards me stinks.

    She also used to do be like this when me and my partner rented our own flat together and she would invite herself over to stay which meant I had to cancel plans for my friends to come over as it was a very small flat and she needed to sleep in the living room.

    As a result of the state of the house and her attitude towards me, I don’t feel comfortable being there and I even find it awkward to go in the kitchen when she’s there because she doesn’t even acknowledge me and when I try to be nice to her she just talks to me like a dog. I’ve resorted to staying with my parents until she leaves (which I am unsure when that will be). She is staying in the house for free while I am paying 420 quid for the past month where I’ve been made to feel unwelcome there, but I don’t feel the right to say anything as it’s her mums house. Any advice on what I should do or anyone know what my rights are please?

    I think I might be withholding rent in your situation. Your partner's a bit of a pussy though, isn't he? My sister would not get in the front door.


      Do i have a legal right to withold rent in this situation?


        Well presumably 'Mummy' has got fed up with rude sister, and told her to go and stay with her brother? If that makes your life intolerable, then what else can you do?


          His mum and sister don't live together. Mum lives abroad and sister lives in Birmingham but she's been staying here for a while. As much as I'd absolutely love to withhold rent I don't know if I legally can or if I'd get into trouble for doing so even tho I feel it's the right thing to do


            Essentially this is a relationship problem.

            You don't get on with your partners sibling, it's not that unusual.

            He's letting her stay in his mothers property, where he lives and you plus 1 other each let a room.

            What kind of rental agreement, if any, do you have?

            Perhaps more to the point who do you pay your rent to?
            If you (and the other) pay rent to your partner then it sounds like you (and the other) may be his lodger(s) and not tenants at all.

            If you pay rent to the mother then you may be joint tenants, (one couple, one single) or even 3 seperate tenants in a HMO.
            (The mother living abroad raises other issues if you are paying rent to her).

            From what you say about seperate rooms and payments, it sounds most likely a 3 tenant HMO where 2 of the tenants are in a relationship.

            Whichever it is, she is there as your partners guest and so it's up to him to get rid of her - if he wants to.

            You are going to have to talk with your partner about this. Maybe give him an untimatium - She goes or I do.

            Sort out just what kind of tenancy you have while you are at it.
            Are you his partner, his tenant, or just someone renting a room in the same property?

            Your other options are:
            Complain to the landlord (their mother) about his unwelcome guest.
            Give notice and move out (of his life?).

            I don't see that you have any legal reason/right to withold rent, but doing so might bring things to a head.


              The rent is paid to his mother.
              if I complain to her though she won’t see a problem with it.


                So he is living there in his own room rent free.
                You are renting a room from the landlord.
                One other is renting a room from the landlord.

                It's a small 3 tenant HMO - which may or may need to be licensed, depending on the local council rules.
                You would need to talk to your council about that.
                The landlord could be in trouble if it should be licensed and isn't.

                There are all kinds of legal issues when renting from a landlord who lives abroad.
                To start with - Is she paying UK tax on this rental income? She should be.

                If you are paying her directly, not paying a letting agent, then-
                As the tenant of an overseas landlord you need to register with HMRC, they will then tell you whether you need to deduct tax directly from the rent or not.

                This is a legal requirement, see this for more information:

                Contact HMRC for help and guidance: (or you might want to talk to Shelter first).

                The other tenant will be in the same position, you should let them know.

                If these requirements are not being complied with then once you point them out to the mother she may be more amenable to listen to your complaints about the sister.
                (Although I suspect she will be more inclined to try and give you notice to cover up her tax evasion).

                However you still need to get these issues sorted out, particularly the tax issue.

                Your basic options are still as stated above, but you may want to talk to Shelter about the HMO and Tax issues.


                  Find somewhere else to live and give notice to quit


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