What are the fire checks: 4 bed HMO

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    What are the fire checks: 4 bed HMO

    Setting up a 4 bed HMO

    We've installed interconnected smoke detectors in all rooms, have smoke alarms on each level in hall ways, co2 alarms in relevant rooms and heat detector in correct room - can't recall if kitchen or hall as writing this on behalf of partner who did it as recommended by fire technician.

    With regard to checks to be recorded in a fire log book, please can you advise what sort of checks we need to be doing and how frequently?

    If you're able to provide quote from lacors guide that would be appreciated as I'm leaving the country shortly so limited time to go through all.

    Many thanks

    You need to replace the CO2 alarms with CO ones.

    You need a manager for the HMO that is in the country.


      They are CO alarms - thanks for the correction
      We'll be returning to the country for some months so was hoping for some quick advice.



        Fire doors?

        I would suggest that this is not really a "can anyone thing of anything Ive missed" situation as your insurance depends on you getting it right and peoples lives are at stake.


          You should contact you local council. Check their web site too. Some councils have guidance and standards.

          You might need fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

          Also, if you are leaving the country, you need a responsible agent managing your affairs. They need to be 'hands on'

          When tenants leave, they can leave bins overfull and rubbish and that is when neighbours complain to the council....

          Councils are getting though on HMOs.


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