Considering first HMO? Advice?

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  • DPT57
    I would read some of the replies to very similar recent questions on this section of the forum and then come back if you need more.

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  • Northcave
    started a topic Considering first HMO? Advice?

    Considering first HMO? Advice?

    Hello. I'm not a commercial landlord but have two houses I rent. I recently saw a well appointed HMO in Bristol with 6 rooms over 3 floors. It is already working as a HMO returning approx 6.5%.

    As I have no experience in HMOs then am I right in assuming these additional complexities:
    1. More difficult resale in future, not appealing to families or first time buyers
    2. Costs of licensing
    3. Increased tenant turnover and costs of management
    4. Increase mortgage costs of HMO

    Is there anything else I might consider? Personally I thinking that with these additional complexities then I should really looking for something that returns 7% or more. The upside is that it is very well appointed and ready to go.


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