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    Advice on HMO licensing

    Hi there, new to this forum so not sure if I put this in the right section or whatever however me and 3 other friends want to move into a house together. We are currently interested in one house however we are unsure whether the landlord has a HMO license. We are extremely interested in this house as its already furnished and can't find anything as good. Does the landlord need a HMO license for this even if we pay the rent with one payment from one person? Also if they do need a HMO license do you think they could get it if we payed the fees ect. Can someone help me out here.



    HMO licences for just 3 occupants (assuming none in relationships with each other or related) isn't always required. See if THAT council has local selective licensing such as e.g.

    - not all councils have these

    (Unless this is Scotland)
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You should not have to pay the fees, that's the landlord's job. If he should have a licence and he hasn't, he is breaking the law and risks not being able to rent the property out to unrelated sharers (which is more lucrative to him than to a family).
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        Greenwich Council requiring planning consent for HMO :

        Landlords will now need to apply for planning permission before renting out their homes to multiple people in Greenwich.

        The new rule comes in as part of Greenwich Council’s aim to crack down on poor quality and unsafe homes for tenants in the borough and drive up rental standards.

        The change, called an Article 4 Direction, removes the permitted development rights for properties to be used as small Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) with no more than 6 people.

        It means landlords will have to apply for planning permission if they want to convert their homes into HMO’s to rent out on the market.

        Greenwich Council’s cabinet approved the change on September 13 , 2017 and the law will change in 12 months’ time.


          Havering council also following change of use as well I believe


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