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    TMW are not on that list but they don't require sa302.
    Perhaps its because they are part of Nationwide it wasn't felt necessary to list? (In which case why separately list BM, Godiva etc?)


      It is difficult to answer that question but I will find out and revert with an answer.


        Originally posted by sam_cat View Post
        Always read it, rare that I have something to add so stay quiet. Its a great insight into whats going on and I do look forward to these posts from yourself.

        Thanks again.
        I'd like to echo that - rarely is there anything to add or question, but I always appreciate the update and insight.

        I opine and comment on a number of issues, but am wrong from time to time.
        It's always nice to have an actual expert in the place...
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Hi Boletus
          I have checked with TMW and they do indeed accept the Tax Overview Document in support of the Self Assessment. This level of underwriting requirement normally only applies to those with more than 3 mortgaged properties and where the underwriter is seeking comfort in the reasonableness of the application.
          I have suggested that it would be of help if they were to notify HMRC that they do in fact accept this document.


            Please excuse the length of this posting and in all probability the contents of which will already be known to seasoned Landlords but it is perhaps a timely reminder of what lies ahead from 1st April 2018 (Def Not April Fool) and the latest announcement from a significant lender within the BtL market is quite relevant.

            The rules for landlords change on the 1st April regarding the energy efficiency of their properties.
            The rules for landlords change on the 1st April regarding the energy efficiency of their properties. Coventry BS are the first lender that I am aware of that is going to press on their stance following this change:- Coventry for intermediaries announces changes to its BTL policy ahead of the new EPC rules The rules on EPC ratings are changing. From 1 April 2018, it will be against the law for landlords to grant a new tenancy in England and Wales to either new or existing tenants if the property doesn’t have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘E’ or above. This means that some lenders won’t lend on privately rented properties that fall below an ‘E’ rating unless the property has a valid exemption from the regulation. “We’ve been hearing some concerns from brokers about how this will affect new and existing clients,” said Kevin Purvey, Director of Intermediaries at Coventry for intermediaries. “So we’ve sent out an email this week explaining the changes and telling them how we’re responding to them.” From 15 March, Coventry for intermediaries will update its BTL lending policy. It won’t lend on properties in England and Wales that fall below an ‘E’ rating, but will continue to accept applications if the privately rented property has a valid exemption. If a client already owns a property* with an ‘F’ or ‘G’ rating, they’ll need to carry out ‘relevant energy efficiency improvements’ to bring it up to an ‘E’ or above. Green Deal finance may be available to help with the improvements. Exemptions to the regulation may apply in certain circumstances but landlords must be aware that it’s their responsibility to request one. For more information on the new EPC rules:


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            • Angel Investors
              Hi all, recently joined and a newbie to the world of property.

              The reason for the post is that I've just set up my SPV to build my rental portfolio in and a friend with some disposable income is interested in being an Angel Investor on a few deals.

              Have any of you had Angel...
              23-03-2018, 12:49 PM
            • Reply to Angel Investors
              Your first consideration is the requirement for Proof of Deposit, it is not sufficient or indeed acceptable to state that the money is coming via an “ Angel”. They will want to know on what terms the money is being given, then he will need to show the origins of his monies and then your bank statements...
              23-03-2018, 16:10 PM
            • having one or two properties?
              quite a basic question, but if I have 110k and my property is worth 220k I have 50% equity.
              If I remortgage for 165k and use the 55k as a 25% deposit on a buy to let, what are the pros and cons of doing so?...
              04-03-2018, 13:14 PM
            • Reply to having one or two properties?
              Never in history has interest rates been so low for so long, allowing investment in property, which inevitably has risen significantly. If you are right that wages will go up, then that also means inflation, which will bring interest rate rises on top of the interest rate rises that is already needed....
              22-03-2018, 11:32 AM
            • Reply to having one or two properties?
              Any cash buyer is going to bid to buy with a significant discount, much depends on your resolve or eagerness to sell. If the rental is below market levels then this should be addressed if you decide to keep the property.

              Not disclosing the rental is indeed a significant handicap as clearly...
              21-03-2018, 18:15 PM
            • Reply to having one or two properties?
              As a single man of 36 should my first priority be buying my own house to live in?
              Is the flat I own holding me back? I've had an offer of 15K below the asking price from a cash investor.Wants to pay £210k cash and rent it out for £9k a year but I guess he will increase the rent.
              My dad...
              21-03-2018, 16:05 PM
            • Lender options for HMO

              I am looking to for a lender that would lend on a property that is a HMO and also the beneficial owner lives in the property.

              Does anyone have any experience of this circumstance or indeed know any lender, or even advise on the class of loan that this could fall under?...
              19-03-2018, 11:06 AM
            • Reply to Lender options for HMO
              I regret to advise that there is no such facility within main stream lending. You are expecting an hybrid facility that embraces buying a property where the owner is going to remain in situ, the person and others are in fact members of the family which make the BtL Property a regulated loan and to wrap...
              20-03-2018, 20:33 PM
            • Reply to Lender options for HMO

              Thanks for the response.

              The owner has other BTL properties and has owned and managed non-MultiLet for more than 10 years.

              In the case mentioned above, the occupier is a family member of the legal owner (who has BTL experience 10+ years).

              20-03-2018, 15:16 PM
            • Reply to Lender options for HMO
              I regret to say that this is a proposition you should forget. There are two absolute No No’s in a Lenders vocabulary/ Mortgage application.
              1) Will the vendor remain in the Property , if yes Go Away
              2) If you are buying Property which has been sourced directly or indirectly by a Property...
              19-03-2018, 22:31 PM