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    Building My Portfolio

    Hi - new member to the forum hoping for some help.

    Currently have 1 property in Sheffield that i got for a bargain (was on at £85k eventually bought for £43k - made my bid, rejected - left it open on the table and a few months later got a call asking if i wanted it still)

    I have had the property a few years, being young i didnt save very well after that and 'lived the life' for a bit - bought a car, clothes etc

    I am looking for some advice on whether i should remortgage to fund another deposit - currently on a residential mortgage as i lived in the property for 6 months then decided to rent it out to build a portfolio but i have a consent to let through Natwest.

    I wondered what peoples experiences where with lending more money/releasing equity in there properties.

    I have seen another property in the student area that i am looking to capitalise on and hopefully get a decent return on it and build from there turning it into a full time business.

    Thanks in advance.


    First question , where are you presently living if you are presently renting our your main residence albeit with Consent to Let by Nat West. I ask this as not all lenders consider individuals who do not own and live in their main residence so the selection could be limited.

    Assuming the first can be satisfied I would seriously suggest using the Free Equity in the property to fund the deposit on the new purchase, however you might find that Nat West will insist that your mortgage be converted to a conventional Buy to Let and pay a commercial rate in order to obtain additional funding , should this be the case then a good broker can research the market and provide funding solutions for the primary refinance and what is available to purchase a student let (remember not all lenders are keen on this type of renting and conditions may apply)



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        I have sourced a loan which is a second charge taken across the remaining equity in my property portfolio. My portfolio is at approximately 75% LtV. The gross value across 5 properties is £2.2m with outstanding mortgage balances of £1.5m soon to rise to £1.7m. I am hoping to release approximately...
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        From what I understand the second charge is levied against individual properties until the required funds are raised. I.e. £100k against property 1, £80k against property 2 and so on. The lenders I currently use (BM and Aldermore) allow second charges as I have had them previously. If I was to move...
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        I agree completely with JPKeates, it is a matter which taxes any broker when clients are seeking to release equity but their present lenders do not offer further advances; I suspect that you have already investigated this and have been redirected to a type of lender of last resort” who creates a legal...
        21-10-2019, 15:38 PM
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        Are you sure your mortgage lender will consent to a second charge on the portfolio?
        I think the question might be academic, because I'd be amazed if they would.
        21-10-2019, 15:06 PM
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        If a house is purchased under a company with BTL mortgage, is it possible later on to switch to residential mortgage so that the company director can stop letting it out and use it as main residence? Does residential mortgages for companies exist? Will it have an exorbitant...
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        Residential mortgages are for "owner occupiers". A company is not "occupier" like a person occupies a residential property,
        21-10-2019, 09:35 AM
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        On a personal level I believe you have made the right decision. Best of luck going forward.
        21-10-2019, 05:39 AM
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        Oriiginal poster here. Thanks for the great advice. After careful consideration we have decided to raise capital from remortgaging the buy to let to pay our residential mortgage off. I think the safety net option is best. Gives us exit if required in the future even though it goes against my instinct...
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        Is it a totally crazy idea, or perhaps not, if you can afford the interest payments, and you accept...
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