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    I purchase my 1st BTL property in 2010, paid £46,000 deposit from savings and took out £77,000 BLT mortgage. Mortgage over 25 years

    My aim is for the rent to pay the monthly interest payment and the extra income after that saved up to eventually pay off the capital.

    Basically in short I don’t want to put any more of my savings in to the property and want the tenant rent over the 25 years to pay off the entire mortgage so the property is mortgage free and mine outright – is this possible?

    To achieve this I am doing the below and this is where I would like advice, if is the correct way, suggestion etc:-

    Rent - 550

    Interest mortgage - 370

    Profit monthly aprox - 180

    Term – 25 years

    Over the last 3 years the mortgage has been on interest only and I have build up cash reserve of £3000. This money I intend to keep as it is for voids, maintenance etc.

    Now my main thing is how I pay the capital:-

    Option 1) Once cash reserve of say £5000 is build up, then the rest I use to make capital payment adhoc maybe 6 monthly/ yearly to reduce the mortgage and thus the interest only payment?

    What do people think is this the best way to manage the mortgage so it eventually gets paid off? I understand mortgage payments may fluctuate depending on interest rate and product I’m on through the mortgage term?

    Or is there another way to approach this?

    Is paying off capital making the property profitable, hence have higher tax bill?

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      50% falls is extremely unlikely....Most areas will rise going forward and I think they may rise significantly if you look at where we are in terms of the 18 year cycle
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      Louisck know, may I take this opportunity of thanking you for taking time o respond to all those who have tried to give appropriate advice and responses to your initial enquiry.

      I sometimes find it amazing that posters create a credible question and seeking advice, in turn the forum which...
      25-07-2017, 15:34 PM
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      Nothing negative has happened but my relative who I got a joint-mortgage with is taking financial decisions that I do not agree with because I feel he is taking on too much debt. So I was thinking about the long term future. Because 20 years is a long time and he says he can afford it but that is TODAY....
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      It is entirely down to the lender as to whether party B can be allowed to be discharged from the mortgage and that as I pointed out is 100% dependent on where Party A can satisfy them of his ability to meet the mortgage payments using his financial data using the prevailing loan affordability matrix....
      23-07-2017, 14:22 PM
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      Loanarranger: I think we actually agree. I was trying to keep the posting short as it is basically saying there is no simple way of doing it, and possibly didn't make it clear that you would both permission from the other party to buy them, and to arrange new mortgage terms. (I believe the mortgagee...
      23-07-2017, 13:09 PM
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      leasehold64 , unfortunately one cannot just start a new mortgage or transfer the mortgage into a sole name until the other party has given agreement to relinquish their share of the property or sell their interest at an agreed price, then one has to approach the lender and establish if their own income...
      23-07-2017, 12:49 PM
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      I don't believe that being a couple makes any difference here, except, possibly, for tax. England v Scotland might and, using English terms, tenants in common versus joint tenants probably does.

      You can't force them to sell their share to you, and you will probably need to start a new...
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