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  • Student BTL - timing issues

    Hi everyone

    I don't often post here, having joined due to leasehold issues around two years ago.

    I'm looking at the different options for my next BTL and wondered if any of you care sharing your thoughts.

    The nearest higher yield properties to me are about 5 miles away and serve two large universities.

    It's 10 years since I left uni, so I would appreciate some advice on:

    1) When people normally sign up
    2) When they usually move in
    3) What's the latest you could leave it...
    4) Finally, what do I do with the void if I buy in April but they don't move in until Sept?

    Many thanks in advance!!


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    Really all the questions you ask will be determined by how the local student market works, for example students in different cities will start looking for accommodation at different times.

    The key will be to do your research in the city you're looking to buy in to get a feel for how the local market works.


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      Ok - I'll work on the assumption that it's April/May for signing up at the latest and that they move in at best in August/Sept.

      Can you help out with Q4?

      Tbh, I was pretty sure of Qs 1-3, but Q4 is the main problem!


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        Best not to assume! All our student accommodation is already fully let for the 2013/14 acdemic year, we started signing people up in Oct/Nov last year!

        Also all our tenancies run for 52 weeks so our tenants move in in June/July but as said it all depends on how it works your specific location.

        Really all you can do with the void if you end up completing on th epurchase in April is either use the time to gat the property up to standard or try to let on a tenancy that starts earlier.


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          The beneficial ownership may be affected, but it would take a court to determine that (and depriving a property owner of the entire property for not paying some of a loan secured against it would be a huge step).

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