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  • Tupe

    is TUPE risky when taking over from a tender contract?

    what is the main risky, mainly employee wage related?

    thank you

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    Isn't tupe to do with a company taking over another and what you have to do with the staff? Or have I missed something?


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      I believe it stands for Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment, meaning that existing employee's rights and terms and conditions of employment can only be offered as equal or better than those of their existing employer (been there and done that twice in my working career!).

      Whilst we do have legally qualified members here Medlock, I wonder if you are better seeking advice on an Employment Law forum or similar?


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        thank you, i will try that forum

        is that the main forum to learn about employment law as well

        i dont know much about that law - as i'll be hiring more people i need to learn all the employee rights

        any insights that can be offerred on this site would be great


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