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  • Experiences with Paragon

    Evening all,

    Considering applying for a BTL product with Paragon and was wondering if anyone would be happy to share their opinions?

    Both positive and negative...

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  • Buy to Let mortgage through LTD

    I have just incorporated a limited company. Has anyone had any experience getting a buy to let mortgage through a ltd company with the SIC code of letting out property?

    16-08-2017, 21:48 PM
  • Reply to Buy to Let mortgage through LTD
    Obviously you have selected this route for a reason, so hopefully there's some planning behind it.

    Lenders are likely to want the company to be a Single Purpose Vehicle and will probably want directors personal guarantees.
    The lending is, usually, at slightly less favourable rates...
    17-08-2017, 08:52 AM
  • Consent to Let from Santander
    I would like to ask a question regarding buy to let consent application with Santander. I have got a residential mortgage with Santander for the last two months with a 5 year fixed deal but due to unforeseen circumstances I have to relocate to a different city because of my job. I have the intention...
    14-08-2017, 22:39 PM
  • Reply to Consent to Let from Santander
    i have read on santander websites you may apply for consent to let after 6 month and i did ring them with dummy detail to confirm that . would they allow me to apply for consent to let after 6 months? they said yes so now my question is it worth trying again after 6 month ? has anybody applied for consent...
    16-08-2017, 19:39 PM
  • Portfolio Selling
    I hope this is the right forum to post on - apologies if not.

    A friend has approached me who owns appx 20 properties throughout England and Scotland - they were originally owned by her husband now deceased and she doesn't want to retain them.

    She understands that Capital Gains...
    15-08-2017, 16:05 PM
  • Reply to Portfolio Selling
    I would also be interested in hearing about companies or investor landlords seeking to buy portfolios as I am considering selling my portfolio in Yorkshire.
    16-08-2017, 00:26 AM
  • Reply to Consent to Let from Santander
    We have a Santander mortgage and the 2 year fixed term ran out in June this year, we applied for consent to let(similar reasoning to you) in November 2016 and it was fine, I think we paid around £195 for the privilege though. So we had the house for around 15 months before asking.

    I think...
    15-08-2017, 21:57 PM
  • Reply to Consent to Let from Santander
    Hey Mr wright76 was it with Santander r with any other bank I would like to know what someone should do in this situation just wait for 6 months and applied for consent to let again has anybody tried with Santander or has anybody got consent to let sooner then 6 months please do share your experien...
    15-08-2017, 21:51 PM
  • Reply to Consent to Let from Santander
    I have a friend with a residential mortgage that let's out.

    She asked to be moved to a BTL or for permission to let and as the company do not offer BTL mortgages they refused.

    She asked what she was meant to do and the answer was nothing!. The company have the right to call...
    15-08-2017, 18:32 PM
  • Reply to Portfolio Selling
    I wondered that about the acquisition dates - aside from the marital home she was not registered on the deeds until after he died,
    15-08-2017, 17:42 PM