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  • Investor networking.

    Good morning,

    I am just wondering if anybody knows another good forum or website that might be good/better for networking with other property investors. Perhaps somewhere for buying/sellings property leads etc, just another good resource?

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    networking and other property sites

    Property Investor Network (PIN) have 26 different monthly meetings around the UK. Their web address is
    Other property websites try Property Tribes


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      • Consent to Let from Santander
        I would like to ask a question regarding buy to let consent application with Santander. I have got a residential mortgage with Santander for the last two months with a 5 year fixed deal but due to unforeseen circumstances I have to relocate to a different city because of my job. I have the intention...
        14-08-2017, 22:39 PM
      • Reply to Consent to Let from Santander
        Apologies for late reply. No it wasn't Santander the company she is with don't do BTL or permission to let at all.

        I have another friend though in the same predicament but their mortgage was taken over by llyods. I really don't understand why they can't be more accommodating!.
        21-08-2017, 22:40 PM
      • Remortgages timing
        Hi, I just wanted to understand how other landlords approach remortgaging on several properties, in terms of timing?

        So, say you have your main residence mortgage, plus another BTL mortgage (or more), where you occasionally use equity growth towards buying further properties. Do you...
        20-08-2017, 15:58 PM
      • Reply to Remortgages timing
        I was thinking along the lines of whether it's better to have everything in synch, so you could have a chain of remortgages/purchases on one day? Or to stagger them, so you get one mortgage approved under current circumstances, before expanding borrowing in a further transaction? So you may not...
        21-08-2017, 21:37 PM
      • Intrusive Money Laundering questions
        I'm sure you've all been asked them...

        What is the source of your funds? How much? etc etc.

        Virgin Money recently returned my questionnaire where I replied 'rental income'.

        What does that mean? How much did I pay for my properties? Where did I get the money...
        17-08-2017, 10:05 AM
      • Reply to Intrusive Money Laundering questions
        Over 10 years ago, Erinaceous was a listed company which collapsed due to overvaluation by one of its surveyors in collusion with a borrower who had applied for mortgage .for commercial building and disappeared with 10 times the market value of the property....
        20-08-2017, 20:50 PM
      • Reply to Remortgages timing
        If you are remortgaging , then timing should not become an issue , as with all mortgage offers , they remain valid for at least three months and therefore it is entirely down to you as to when , subject to legal processes being complete when you want to draw down the monies.
        20-08-2017, 17:50 PM
      • Reply to Remortgages timing
        What is the advantage and disadvantage to you of remortgaging at same time or phased out at different times ?...
        20-08-2017, 16:57 PM
      • Reply to Intrusive Money Laundering questions
        Being not very criminal I would have to ask , How do you overstate the value of a property purchase, surely the banks check the value prior to lending.
        19-08-2017, 16:27 PM
      • Reply to Intrusive Money Laundering questions
        If you have failed the money laundering checks then they will have to report you to the authorities so I would possibly prepare for an investigation. Apparently this is a legal requirement for everyone that fails
        19-08-2017, 15:25 PM