Buy-to-Let ALL lenders insist on property being managed?

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    Buy-to-Let ALL lenders insist on property being managed?

    hi folks,

    im not new to the forum, although am recently registered.

    am currently considering a joint investment property venture, and was wondering if i could benefit from the wisdom of those in the know.

    we wish to get a buy-to-let mortgage on a single property, with a deposit of around 20%. from a preliminary investigation, it seems that many lenders insist on the property being full managed by an ARLA agent, as a condition of the mortgage.

    is this the case with all lenders? if so, are there any [legal] ways around this (we would prefer to manage the property outselves.) if not, which lenders dont insist on this?

    thanks in advance for any advice offered!

    No all lenders don't have this condition. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a high street lender with no criteria in this area.
    Matt Churchill
    Cotswold Commercial Finance Ltd


      500 schemes

      We have over 500 schemes and none of our schemes MAKE you let to an ARLA agent. I can recall about 7 years ago that ARLA backed certain buy to let mortgages providers in return for this condition BUT the market moved fast and hasn't been a requirement for many years...all I can suggest is that ARLA havent updated their website.

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      Lee Grandin MD, Landlord Mortgages. Expert on buy to let mortgages and Letting.


        West Bromwich BS offer superb service and do not require managed props. I've done a few through them and have found them to be head and shoulders above the rest. Quick and no errors.


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          Hello Lords,

          I'm new here so please be easy on me.

          For £50k cash, where's the best place to buy to let in the UK with decent yield?

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          I've don't have much experience tbh. I'm looking at places in the Midlands.

          I've looked at prices in Birmingham and houses are bloody expensive.

          I guess being a landlord is exclusively for the rich....
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          50k is actually my max budget. I wish I had more. My No. 1 rule is to NEVER borrow money off the bank. Hence, I don't have a credit card and I'll never get a mortgage even if it means I have to live on cold chips.

          I'll just have to keep saving.

          Do you know any auctions that...
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          Think again..... i live in the grim north and that would make a decent deposit at best....
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          Your best rental bet is pick up 5 or 6 lock up garages at auction. You'd be hard pushed to find a flat or house for that money other than in the grim north.
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          Your Q is too vague, if your planning on getting a mortgage, or the total investment is 50k, also how much experience you have in renting, all the compliance aspects of the property, where or not you will live locally to the property or give it to an agent who will manage it which will reduce your yield....
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