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    property in Milton Keynes

    Hi, Im hoping to buy property in Milton Keynes and was just wondering whether anybody has any experiance there of good areas and any deals going.

    A friend of mine Valerie is an Estate Agent who has lived in MK for some time but doesn't work there in the industry. She might be able to give you some valuable advice. You can contact her on 01858 461888.

    The other alternative is to ask estate agents in MK. I'm sure they will tell you what you want to know. They won't mislead you as you could be a potential client in a few years.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      thank you

      Thank you so much for that.I have also asked a couple of agents and went down there to view a few properties but i just wanted to kinda ''do my home''.
      ta again


        property in MK-Paul.F

        Thanks again Paul, i spoke to Valerie and she was very helpful.


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          by leasee123
          This would be true if the supply of money increased in the real economy (by what I presume you mean QE). But it never. It only really stayed within the banking system and perhaps into financial assets.

          So we never saw surging inflation or a boost in economic growth. Today we are seeing...
          30-06-2022, 12:31 PM
        • Next recession?
          by SouthernDave
          So, I would be interested to hear what / when the next recession might be. There are a lot of professionals predicting one. They say there’s been one every 17 years, making the next one around 2025.
          we have just taken out rent guarantee on half of our properties that we consider to be risky...
          18-04-2022, 19:43 PM
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          by Gordon999
          If the supply of money is expanded by holding down interest rates to below 0.1% for over 12 years after 2008 financial crisis , the economy is bound to be hit by surging inflation.

          Rising prices hit the pensioners much harder because their savings money put away over 30 years,...
          30-06-2022, 12:13 PM
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          I have a tenant that would like to buy the flat he rents from me, I own it outright there is no mortgage on it. Can we make it so that he carries on paying me so that I still receive an income rather than him getting a mortgage from somewhere else? If I sell it outright and invest they money it will...
          23-06-2022, 11:15 AM
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          by ExpertInAField
          I would certainly be interested in knowing the answer for this. I have a friend who recently loaned another friend £250,000 to buy the property they were living in which would be paid back to my friend in monthly instalments. That loan is secured on the property and has wording to that effect. ...
          30-06-2022, 10:34 AM
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          by Lawcruncher
          What makes you think that that is the case?...
          29-06-2022, 08:33 AM
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          by jpkeates
          You can have the same kind of charge, but you can't, for example, repossess if the payments aren't forthcoming, which a "proper" lender can....
          28-06-2022, 15:18 PM
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          by gnvqsos
          It is quire acceptable to expand the supply of money in harmony with expanding economic activity, but if the expansion of money is too quick inflation is likely.. However the principal cause of inflation is increasing commodity prices(gas ,fertilisers, grain) and an expanding money supply accommodates...
          27-06-2022, 19:49 PM
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          by Neelix
          FWIW most of the inflation now has been created by the printing of money by the central banks.

          Inflation rising has been talked about for a few years and finally its hit the developed countries.

          creating money out of thin air was never going be at no cost
          27-06-2022, 17:49 PM
        • Reply to Next recession?
          by Gordon999
          The Sunday Telegraph ( 19 June 2022) Liam Halligan reported " BOE still has its head in the sand."

          Last wednesday, the Fed ( USA) jacked up US rates by 0.75% . Thats why the dollar strengthened and made imports cheaper.
          Its astonishing that the Monetary Policy Committee...
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