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    Builders going under?

    So this is my wife’s idea and she wants a holiday home and had an offer accepted on a new build flat and paid a reservation fee.

    One of the letting agents we might use has said you do realise the builders have gone into receivership last week and this will probably delay the purchase but don’t worry a buyer should be taking over soon?

    To me if you’re going into receivership your going under and your not going to complete the project and I’ll lose my money. According to the mortgage company and estate agent this is normal? Am I missing something here

    Builders are feeling the pinch because building materials have risen steeply within the timeframe of a fixed price contract - thus reducing their profit margins. The Estate Agent is bound to try and 'save' the sale and have been known to say things that turn out not to be 100% accurate.

    I would be discussing this situation with my solicitor .



      She’s got her heart set on it but I’m not convinced


        Have you exchange sale contracts ?


          No literally on Monday we agreed on the price and just put down a reservation fee of £1000


            When did you get your mortgage offer, remember that a BtL/ Holiday Home may only be valid for 3 months, a minority 6 months, The valuation is again only valid for six months and whilst a degree of tolerance might be given by the lender for the mortgage offer, there is the risk that if it overran the 3/6 months the mortgage might have to start again and present or future rates apply; certainly after 6 months there will have to be a new valuation undertaken but on a moderated valuation fee basis.


              Be grateful you only stand to lose £1000,it could have been much worse.


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              • Unfair competition
                by Codger
                The private rented sector faces unfair competition from subsidised public housing. We are also more stringently policed by local authorities.
                When i pay taxes some of it is spent on putting me out of business.
                And the rules keep changing during contracts not just for new investments...
                06-08-2022, 14:41 PM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by jpkeates
                Just the people to have empathy with the customers of social housing.

                Not for profit doesn't mean that there's a lot of money being made....
                08-08-2022, 12:37 PM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by theartfullodger
                Then you'll be getting a job as one, the logical action if you really believed this.

                May I 'umbly assert you have zero evidence for your assertion....
                08-08-2022, 11:59 AM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by jpucng62
                There is room for everybody in the rental sector and more! What we need to do is build more affordable housing so that everyone can afford to buy or rent a home.
                08-08-2022, 10:28 AM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by Ted.E.Bear
                Social housing was introduced in order to clear the slums that were created when private landlords had free reign.
                I think that paying benefits so that private landlords can profit is not a particularly good use of public money, it would be more efficient to build homes that don't need to provide...
                08-08-2022, 08:57 AM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by DoricPixie
                Go and set up a housing association and appoint yourself CEO if you think it’s that kooshdie....
                08-08-2022, 04:12 AM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by gnvqsos
                What is a housing CEO? How can you comment on their role in such an uninformed manner. Any tenants reading your comments would lose any respect they have for landlords. You should sell up and let another person run your properties ,with a little humility and less self-pity.
                07-08-2022, 19:42 PM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by Codger
                Being a housing ceo is a doddle compared with being a btl landlord.
                Lots of professional help, newbuild properties to rent out government subsidies, no phone calls from tenants......
                I should be getting the whopping salary not them!
                07-08-2022, 19:24 PM
              • Reply to Unfair competition
                by boletus
                I agree. My DSS tenants have to pay 40% income tax on my rents. Plus 20% section 24 tax on my loans....
                07-08-2022, 11:26 AM
              • Reply to Is now the time to sell up?
                by boletus
                Your words;

                As for the rest of your lengthy impotent rant;

                I've no idea as I don't know their full circumstances and neither do you. There are many reasons people make seemingly foolish, mad maniacal bids.
                I've shared your frustration...
                07-08-2022, 09:20 AM