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    Fees associated with selling

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had a rough ball park number or an average for the fees associated with selling a home and if they differ at all if the property is a second home or BTL?
    Estate agent fees, solicitors, capital gains tax or anything else I'm leaving out.
    I've only ever purchased property and never sold was just curious what the fees could look like.

    How long is a piece of string

    typically estate agents charge a percentage of a sale
    solicitors fees very A LOT
    capital gains ? Not enough information


      Agents fee vary from as little as 0.75% to 2.5% + VAT . If you have a relationship with an agent and have dealt with them previously they may discount their published rate of commission. However what matters is getting what you want rather than haggling over fees!


        Estate Agent - 1-1.5% + vat
        Solicitors - £700-1000
        CGT - 18% or 28% of gain after CGT allowance and dependent on tax position
        Same for any residential property


          Estate agent can be appointed as sole agent basis 1% ( for two months ) or as multiple agent basis ( 2%)


            I've accepted an offer on one of mine, we've just started the conveyancing process.

            I used Strike. They don't charge a fee. They make money by selling add-on services (mortgage advice, conveyancing, professional photos, etc).

            I think they've been very good. You download an app through which you do most things - although they do have staff you can phone.

            You have to do the viewings yourself, unless you want to pay their people to do them for you (I think it's £450 for a certain number of viewings).

            I almost used their conveyancers, but happened by chance to look online at their reviews - which were shocking !

            I'd agree to the fees previously posted, but don't forget any mortgage redemption penalty and mortgage account closing fees.


              Thank you all for your feedback, it gives me a better idea of what I'm looking at if I were to sell up my second home.
              Obviously prices vary depending on estate agents and other things but it's a rough idea of what I'm working with.


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