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    I was trying to get insurance for a garage and it is hard (or near impossible). If you can't get insurance, you might struggle to get a loan.

    Nor can you get insurance for the contents either.


      Yes, that is true. However, it is just a brick structure, so buildings insurance is irrelevant. Contents insurance, correct also, however, you just need to bare that in mind. If it is attached to a residential building, I believe you can get insurance.


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      • Reply to Limited company vs landlord
        by jpucng62
        I think the tax advantage of being able to take dividends instead of income has been reduced recently....
        17-01-2022, 13:08 PM
      • Limited company vs landlord
        by Smilerkel86
        Recently reading more and more posts on here and coming across quite a few landlords who have made a limited company.
        What made you do this?
        Are there financial benefits?
        Tax benefits?
        Is it something I should look at?
        I have 3 buy to let properties, 2 are mortgaged....
        04-01-2022, 20:46 PM
      • Reply to Limited company vs landlord
        by Gordon999
        The Times Newspaper ( Sat 13 Jan 2022,) Money Section page 62 &63 reported on BTL owners putting properties into a company..

        The paper showed there are 228,743 BTL limited companies by end of 2021.

        A company director can take £2000 in tax free dividends .
        17-01-2022, 10:00 AM
      • Mortgage News
        by loanarranger
        The following article has appeared in one of the Mortgage Trade journals reporting on views expressed by the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries an influential trade body within the mortgage industry.

        "Mortgage rates are likely to rise in the first quarter of 2016 as lenders look...
        23-12-2015, 19:43 PM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by jpkeates
        I suspect the reverse will be true, to be honest.
        I suspect that many (most?) landlords don't have any idea of most of the recent changes in regulations for landlords - the people who contribute to this forum are not representative of landlords in general.

        The awareness of landlords...
        14-01-2022, 09:54 AM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by loanarranger
        Thank you both for your constructive responses, it is evident from your views particularly as you are seasoned professionals that a significant number of less well informed investors will possibly take fright at the ramifications of the proposed changes. Although I am an investor as well as a specialist...
        13-01-2022, 22:53 PM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by jpkeates
        The Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings Bill which is only a start point set the limit at £20,000.
        In discussions, there was a view that that figure might have to be reduced to £10,000.

        That was a private members bill.
        But it was the work of the MP who was murdered and...
        13-01-2022, 16:30 PM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by boletus
        Do you think that cap level is likely? The consequences are quite obvious.

        (On a personal note, this would be a win for me as all my rentals would quite easily get to C and it would drive out the competition. Plus I'd upgrade my F ppr to a bigger F ppr.)...
        13-01-2022, 16:14 PM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by jpkeates
        The proposed legislation changing the requirement to be C raises the high cost exemption to £10,000.

        A change of that nature would cause me to exit the business.
        I'd either have to sell a property or mortgage one to be able to afford the exemption (or to get some of the properties...
        13-01-2022, 16:08 PM
      • Reply to Mortgage News
        by boletus
        On a more positive note, there is currently a 'high cost' exemption for F&G properties needing over £3500 improvements. Something similar would very likely apply for D&E's;

        Also worth pointing out that many lenders...
        13-01-2022, 15:58 PM