Will getting a new AIP invalid my old one?

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    Will getting a new AIP invalid my old one?

    Hi, I currently have an agreement in principle to buy a house which is solely for me, however I might change to a joint mortgage with someone else. If I get an AIP for that joint mortgage, will that invalidate my initial sole AIP?

    AIPs are usually valid for about 90 days. Does it matter if one becomes invalid ? Just apply again


      It is only an AIP, no formal application has been submitted and therefore one is at liberty to submit another AIP even if one is adding another partner to the loan.
      One word of caution, some lenders leave a hard footprint on your credit profile , whilst others only a soft footprint, too many hard footprints can have an impact on one’s credit score so do check with the present lender on this.


        For the purpose of clarifying actual offers of loan , much depends on whether the application is for residential Homeownership or Buy to Let:-

        Residential Mortgage offers are valid for 6 months
        Buy to Let in all its guises are in the main valid for three months, a minority do have between 4 & 6 months validity period.
        Valuation reports across all categories are valid for six months.


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