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    The first thing you need to do is address the matter of Capital Gains Tax. You need to work out what the house was worth at the 8 year period when you moved out as whatever it has gone up in value by since you moved out you will have to pay 20% between the value then and when you sell. And when you sell dont expect your solicitor to give you financial advice about CGT as they dont do that any more.
    Go to an accountant first (I wish I had done) and when you sell I believe you have 30 days to pay the CGT si go to the accountant before you put it up for sale.


      The CGT isn't calculated based on the value when someone moves out.
      It's based on the gain between purchase and sale (less costs) and apportioned between the periods of residence and business use.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        You should study the rules on withdrawal of funds before you decide to invest.


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