Selling with 88 years lease remaining

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    In post 1 ( dated 17 April) , you said agent A had 4 viewings after reducing the price. Any viewing during past 3 weeks period ?

    At present there is stamp duty holiday until end of June to motivate buyers . .


      Feedback from Agent A and my records
      Sept to March 3 viewings
      March to April -2 viewings (after 1st price reduction)
      April to May - 3 viewings

      Agent D said that my development value will not be going up in the future (really?) but I saw anther property had changed agent and asking priced reduced by £15K.

      I hope the Stamp Duty will help I need to reduce my price again to sell as the lease will get lower etc Agent A was suggesting to leave the price and see what happens in September?? Madness?


        Does your property need re-decorating ? Have you a rental tenant in the property and held back by a one year rental agreement ?


          Property is vacant and can do with some redecorating which is factored in to the asking price.


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