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    buy to let in Manchester

    Hi everyone,

    I am going to do a buy-to-let in Manchester. Planning to have a semidetached or terraced, with refurb. perhaps in the southwest or northwest region. Is it hard to find a tenant?

    Usu how long should I expect to have a tenant? And is there any tools online I can use to get some ideas?

    Thank you!!

    This website may help you:


      Manchester can be a minefield (like all big cities, I guess) - you need to choose your area carefully. Agent-managed or not, you don't want to end up with Frank Gallagher as a tenant !

      Fully research how much houses in an area rent for and sell for, and search daily to see how quickly they're renting and selling once listed.

      If I were buying, I'd choose an area like Dane Bank or Reddish (yes, technically not Manchester, but still within the M60). Slightly more expensive than nearby Gorton, with a lower yield, but you'll attract a better class of tenant, and generally get a better capital appreciation. I say like, because I'd recommend finding an area near where you live - ideally no more than a 20 minute drive.

      Tenants mostly don't even know themselves how long they're going to stay, despite often having plans. Mine usually stay between 1 and 3 years before moving on.


        You should visit the local estate agents and ask what is the waiting time for finding a tenant . I guess a semi-detach house with off -street parking may be quicker than on the road outside a row of terrace house


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          You make a fair point and one which I cannot but agree with but as with what I try to do on the Forum I simply report the news and media comment from lenders and other related parties.
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          Hello there. I’m just looking for some advice really. For the longest time I’ve always wanted to do what my father and my family do which is be a landlord for a second income. However I’m quite muddled as to what I need to achieve before I can.

          I’m 20 year old working full time...
          07-04-2021, 23:52 PM
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          by loanarranger
          Gordon thanks for clarifying what I tried to communicate.

          The normal minimum age of an applicant is 21 and sometimes 25 but there are several lenders including Clydesdale who will accept persons having attained 18 years of age
          10-04-2021, 09:40 AM
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          I think what loanarranger means by "Involvement of your father" is to buy the first rental property in joint names with your father; and you can register the buyers as "tenants in common" to take a larger interest in the property.

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          Hi all

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          No confusion on my part, I'm just pointing out that rewording your proposal using simpler language may get you further.

          I'm not the one having a problem with getting accountants/solicitors to understand a proposed scheme.
          But if I was then I'd try rewording it.
          10-04-2021, 02:19 AM