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    Accountancy Forum ?

    A few years ago, I belonged to an Accountancy Forum - I think it was accountingweb.

    That forum has practically vanished into some fancy modern looking website and is mostly useless as a forum.

    Can anyone recommend a decent accountancy forum for the UK ?

    My accountant has quoted me £500+VAT for our accounts this year which is bonkers for the work involved (seiss grants, small self-employment income (me) and property income for both my wife and I).

    I'm trying to build up my knowledge so that I can approach a new accountant a little better prepared for what I want.


    That doesn't sound too expensive to me. Perhaps get some quotes from other accountants.


      SEISS grants is taxable income.

      So your own tax return should be for declaring (1) "self-employ income" + ( 2) SEISS grant + (3) 50% of the rental profit.

      Perhaps you could handle the SATR (self assessment tax return ) online by yourself.

      and wife's tax return is just for 50% of the rental profit.

      If her share of the profit is under £12,500 , then wife has no tax to pay. This is reported by paper tax return.


        Which is why I think £600 inc VAT is waaay too much for an accountant.

        I shall be submitting my own accounts I think.

        When we come to sell the properties, we can pay an accountant at that time I think.

        That wont be any time soon as they are our income to go alongside state pension in 15 years time.

        lol it will probably be down to the donkey sanctuary or dogs home to see what they can get from our estate.


          approach other local accountants. Sounds like your current accountant doesn’t want your business


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