Renovation Loan for a Right To Manage Company

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  • Gordon999
    How much is the roof repairs costing ? What is the contribution required by each flat ?

    Some leaseholders may pay be able to pay by increasing their mortgage loan.

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  • loanarranger
    Good point hech123, I would add that even if a bank were prepared to lend as unlikely as it is , why on earth would the Directors be prepared to give their Personal Guarantees forsuch borrowings. I fear that the liability rests in seeking a surcharge for the respective leaseholders to fund the costs involved.

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  • hech123
    I would imagine not. You should get it from the leaseholders, it is there responsibility. You may get a loan at high rates if there is any value in the Freehold if you own that but if you are just a RTM company with no assets then getting a loan would be extremely difficult . Really you should have a sinking fund in place for this kind of issue

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  • AlleyRTM
    started a topic Renovation Loan for a Right To Manage Company

    Renovation Loan for a Right To Manage Company


    I am a director of a Right To manage company, and we need extensive renovations to our roof, and other parts of the building.

    Does anyone know of a way to gather the funds to pay for this, like a loan or grant?

    Is it possible for an RTM company to take on a loan?

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    Hi, I am new to the btl. What does everyone think about a buy to let on the current economic situation?

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    Iris. We can give you an accurate answer in 5 or 10 years time. Anything else a guess. But with covid19 & be++it I'm expecting rough times.

    Bozo the clown's new son is holidaying on lake Como. Gives you confidence in our esteemed government?
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    You are not inexperienced and know the difficulties and the market.

    I would not mortgage or remortgage my main residence for a buy to let at the moment and I'm experienced.
    If values fall as some predict you could be stuck with loan to value being high and unable to secure best rates....
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    by doobrey
    Agreed. This sort of legislation seems the main reason for caution at the moment. I would say LL's risk exposure is higher now than it has been for a very long time, and there is no sign of that changing any time soon....
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    by Celibin
    I meant more like Abolition of Section 21 Where is the govt plan on this?. Capital gains changes is something that can never be really predicted for the future
    There is quite a lot of scaremongering re all these things . House prices have always gone up and down...
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  • Reply to Is it a good time to buy a buy to let?
    by Irisirene
    Thank you all for your wisdom

    I hope I don’t sound silly, isn’t it relative?
    As we will be using our equity from our property to buy a second property when the market the price falls the value of our property with fall too?

    Have you considered legislative...
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  • Reply to Is it a good time to buy a buy to let?
    by Celibin
    If you think over the longer term that there will be tenants to pay the rent then do it.
    Provided you are not forced into selling as you cannot let then you will be fine as whatever happens longer term the recession will eventually end and prices recover.
    Have you considered legislative...
    24-09-2020, 06:07 AM