SIC code for limited company purchase

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    SIC code for limited company purchase

    Hi all,

    I have a purchase agreed for a buy to let property and was wondering which SIC code anyone could recommend I register the limited company under?

    The company will set up solely for the purchase of the property and the subsequent letting out of.

    I ask because have came across issues previously when a company has not had the most suitable SIC code that is specifically for property and therefore for the lender has had to take a floating charge across the whole company. Which has in turn affected my lending capacity in the future.

    Perhaps investors in a similar position would be kind
    enough to share the SIC code your own company is registered under?


    If you are simply going to buy and sell Property for investment it would be SIC code 68100 ,68209 for letting and operating of own real estate.


      Thanks LA

      always great advice 👍


        No problem always glad to help.


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