Understanding compensation due from a developer

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    Understanding compensation due from a developer

    We bought a new build property which had defects with it, relating to incorrectly installed windows which were letting too much noise in.

    we had to go through the council to get the developer to admit there was a problem (via a series of noise surveys) and the developer is now looking to remediate the issue.

    It was about a year and a half between us moving in and getting the developer to admit there was an issue, which involved considerable amounts of time and effort on my part.

    I believe I am owed compensation from the developer as had they admitted there was an issue in the first place and resolved the problem immediately, i would not have had to waste hours chasing the council up.

    My question is, what compensation am i entitled to from the developer for my own personal time spent on this? i'm not sure how to quantify the amount due or how such a figure is calculated.

    if the developer is unwilling to pay compensation, is it worth taking them to court?

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