Finanace Options For Portfolio Expansion

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    Finanace Options For Portfolio Expansion

    Good Morning

    Bought a property every year through the same limited company for the last three years.

    Looking to increase this to two property's a year this year. Has anyone on this forum taken out a long term loan through a limited company to finance further expansion deposits ?

    Many thanks

    Unless you obtain a commercial banking facility at what may be higher rates than market norms,it is quite straight forward to obtain BtL mortgages , each loan secured on the property being acquired; I would add further that at least one lender once a track record has been established will consider a Forward Buying Facility whereby the application process is streamlined and designed to facilitate a quick process from having agreed a purchase to obtaining funding documentation to enable a speedy exchange of contracts, you will , once a record has been established, have to jump through the full application for a facility but once achieved it is an invaluable tool.
    In the current market lenders are offering very competitive rates on Limited Company lending.


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