Buy to let and re mortgage ... please advise..

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    Buy to let and re mortgage ... please advise..

    Hello All

    I am a first time poster so please be kind .. I know most of you lot are probably seasoned professionals but my dilema is .

    In 2013 i inherited a property , i did it up and rented it out , it is still being rented at present ..(No Mortgage) current value about 275000.

    I live in a property that is mortgaged im hoping to move to a larger property, the current property is valued at 195000 with mortgage of 85000. which is the best way to get the capital for the new property ..

    Is it better to have a large buy to let or main mortgage ..

    Kind regards


    The cost of borrowing money is generally cheaper on residential mortgages opposed to buy to let’s (as far as I’m aware) but you could remortgage the rental up to 75% LTV to release capital and this would help offset your tax bills.

    A good financial advisor will help you make the right decision for you.

    Hope that helps!


      If you keep your gearing on the BtL to a reasonable amount then the proceeds can be used towards the depositof any new primary residence, that way you can still retain a fair return, benefit although modestly from the current tax regime and have the opportunity of acquiring a property that meets your aspirations; having said that remember that mostlenders will any rental income when the BtL is in mortgage but as long as the costs are covered the interest payments will not be included in theaffordability assessment of the new maim mortgage.
      With the property market proving fragile in certain areas of the U.K. I would not advocate, unless it is essential, obtaining high percentage loans.


        Thank you both for your quick responses ... another quick question if i may if i am selling the home i live in and remortgage BTL 75% , will i still have to pay the extra stamp duty charges because its a second home .....will the class the BTL (inhertied ) as the first home .. Thanks again


          If you let your present property because the market is against you but you buy a new primary residence , you will initially pay the 3% SDLT premium but if yourformer home is subsequently sold within a specific period ( I think it is 36 months) you are entitled to a rebate.

          Inherited property is a potential issue but not insurmountable.


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            I've got my only property let out as follows:
            value 215k mortgage 150k
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            I don't own a residence as still at family home.
            Confused about next move. I've got 75k cash available and borrowing for another mortgage around 140-150k.
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            I guess if I look at it that I own one property at the moment regardless of whether it's let out or not. Then what decision to take from there.
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            We have 6 buy to lets but was wondering if anybody has any thoughts about the desirability of a bungalow as a buy to let? I know that bungalows carry a premium so the yield might not be so good but wondered if anybody had opted for a bungalow and for what reasons? Thanks.
            01-03-2019, 19:51 PM
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            All of my rentals are Bungalows.
            My tenants vary from young couples to elderly retired and I have never struggled to find suitable tenants. The reason I like bungalows:
            1. Easier to work on for Maintenance purposes.
            2. They don't make them anymore.
            3. Suit a wider range of...
            22-03-2019, 14:37 PM
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            Just a rough estimate.
            10% for repairs, 12% for management, 10% for voids
            750 rent, 350 mortgage
            (750-350)*12 = 4800 *.9 *.88 *.9 = 3,421 = ~7.6% of 45,000
            22-03-2019, 14:18 PM
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            Thank you kind sir I just have a short memory I think....
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            Propertygoesup , I don't wish to appear rude but haven't we already explored your question on previous occasions with many of us making what I think was constructive suggestions, I fear that others may be disinclined to respond to a repetitive question. Sorry to say this but I just wonder why.
            21-03-2019, 19:49 PM
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            As you mentioned living in it - buy a property bigger than you need, rent a room. Potentially £7.5k tax free....
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