Is it going to be possible for me to buy a property

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    Is it going to be possible for me to buy a property

    HI everyone,

    i currently own a property with a mortgage of £137k and market value £160k

    I would like to buy another property , is it possible to withdraw some of the equity from my current rented property and use this o buy another one? a

    and if so how might this be done, my current mortgage is with HSBC

    The first question I have is how on earth did you manage to get HSBC to grant you , based on the figures quoted, a Loan to Value in excess of 85% or was this your initial property for Homeownership and they subsequently granted a Consent to Let?

    The unfortunate fact is that in the current market place there are no lenders who would lend at higher levels and therefore your hope to release equity is a non starter: the last lender to grant 90% BtL mortgages was Mortgage Express and we all know what happened to them.


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