Is it going to be possible for me to buy a property

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    Is it going to be possible for me to buy a property

    HI everyone,

    i currently own a property with a mortgage of £137k and market value £160k

    I would like to buy another property , is it possible to withdraw some of the equity from my current rented property and use this o buy another one? a

    and if so how might this be done, my current mortgage is with HSBC

    The first question I have is how on earth did you manage to get HSBC to grant you , based on the figures quoted, a Loan to Value in excess of 85% or was this your initial property for Homeownership and they subsequently granted a Consent to Let?

    The unfortunate fact is that in the current market place there are no lenders who would lend at higher levels and therefore your hope to release equity is a non starter: the last lender to grant 90% BtL mortgages was Mortgage Express and we all know what happened to them.


      so sorry to clarify market value approx £260k loan approx £137k ironically they did give me 85% LTV when i purchased but this was for home ownership. on a resi mortgage


        Hi Blinko
        What is your current residency given that your HSBC mortgaged property is Let?

        Given the equity which exists in your mortgaged property and depending on the level of rent you should not experience any problems in securing a Remortgage to fund the next purchase which I am assuming is to be another BtL, if however you are intending to purchase a property with the actual intention of occupying it them remember that such loans are assessed on your primary income , many lenders do not allow the inclusion of rental surplus where a mortgage is in place but a small number do allow it proving of course that you have fully disclosed the income on your tax return , if you haven’t then you will need to make peace with HMRC pay whatever monies including possible fines before undertaking the Remortgage and purchase process.


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          We also have a interest only mortgage on our residental house @ 2.05%
          If miraculously we have money to overpay , which should we choose?
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          Thank you. Everyday,s a school day
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          CGT is charged on what you get for a house versus what you paid for it. Whether you have a mortgage to pay off or not is immaterial.
          23-05-2019, 16:12 PM
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          Ok thanks. We thought overpaying on the rental increases the profit ie more CGT
          23-05-2019, 15:26 PM
        • Reply to Overpay which mortgage?
          I don't think your mortgage has any bearing on CGT.

          Even taking 40% tax relief off 3.88% is more than 2.05%, so I'd say the BTL is the one to overpay.
          23-05-2019, 14:33 PM
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          Going off on a slight tangent here.

          My workplace auto-enrolment pension now has me contributing £150 per month. My employer matches this.

          My statement reads, in today’s money...

          At 65 years old (I’m 36 now) I may receive.

          11k tax free. ...
          21-05-2019, 09:07 AM
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          The ones I've always seem assume no further contribution, but the OP seemed to suggest that the scheme has only just started, and, given the figures used for these estimates have gone down a lot from when I was first in a money purchase scheme, I think a £44k pension pot in present day terms couldn't...
          22-05-2019, 10:36 AM
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          I believe your pension statement is based on a calculation of what your pension fund is worth today and inferring no further contributions made. So if you stopped paying in to your pension fund, this is what your fund could potentially be worth at 65.

          Each year you contribute more, this...
          22-05-2019, 09:50 AM
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          its not as bad as mine your better off than me -
          my workplace pension 53pence a month and im 6 years off retirement i think ill get about 50 pound a year so im going to have to work beyond retirement doing on line work and stuff like leaflet distribution but id be happy with the 11,000 a year...
          21-05-2019, 14:50 PM
        • Reply to Workplace Pensions
          I'm a little bothered by the low figures.

          If the "tax free" amount is meant to reflect the position of today (ie. you can take out 25% tax free), it would mean your pension fund would be £44k when you are 65.
          Which means that the fund must have lost more than half its value...
          21-05-2019, 14:24 PM