£180k cash to invest- what to do?

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    £180k cash to invest- what to do?

    I've just been able to buy my own house and have £180k to invest. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don't want to waste it...
    I've gone through so many ideas property-wise, long term lettings/ Airbnb/HMO's and what with new regulations, pitfalls and all other things I'm put off by the whole property thing.

    Is there still money to be made out of property and if so what would be the best way?

    Many thanks!

    Diversify the investment, with only part in property.


      new regulations can be made about any investment scheme, so don't worry too much. great advice by leaseholder, diversify,

      are you looking for short or long term returns, as that seems to be key to any investment strategy, and it needs to be a strategy/business plan, not just a few random ideas.

      180k isn't a massive amount but I would even consider using part of it for your enjoyment, buy a caravan, motorhome etc take up fishing, golf or other hobby, buy all your equipment and enjoy the leisure side of living !!


        You should consult an Independent Financial Advisor , he will discuss your attitude to risk ,any specific preferences e.g Property/ Bonds and give you guidance on moving forward.
        If you do not own a property or indeed an investment property, forget HMO’s, MUFB since lenders in the main limit such mortgages to those with a proven history of residential investment.
        At a time of economic uncertainty I wouldn’t be in any rush, the fear regime is now in place not helped by the BoE pronouncements , Willproperty crash, Will the Stock Market fall and what are the implications in a falling sterling rate.
        Only the brave take risks and sometimes they win but more often lose.


          depends what youre looking for, in my part of the world you could buy 2 btl properties that would give you £6k each return in rent, could probably get 2 for £160k so have some cash as an emergency fund


            If your house is all paid up, you could live off £12K per year rental income


              Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post
              If your house is all paid up, you could live off £12K per year rental income
              What? £12k per year to live off? You might be able to exist on £12k per year, but you wouldn't have much of a life.


                The state pension for some is only £126 per week and I am sure they are living a hard life.


                  Originally posted by Claymore View Post

                  What? £12k per year to live off? You might be able to exist on £12k per year, but you wouldn't have much of a life.
                  I earn £11,400 a year and live a fabulous life.

                  It's not about what you earn; it's about how much you spend.


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                    Use google search for "BTL mortgages for companies"
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