some insight for those deciding wether to buy or sell

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    some insight for those deciding wether to buy or sell

    as well as dabbling in the buy to let market i also have a painting and decorating company, small scale 2 - 6 decorators but have done it on a bigger scale 20- 30 decorators previously.

    what im noticing is 2 things

    first is im getting an awful lot of enquiries from the two main clients i work for regarding social housing sites, bungalows quite frequently, sites varying on average from 5 to 20 but occassionally 20 to 50, the fact i only deal with two tells me theres a lot going on out there, this is north east btw

    second ting is theres a distinct lack of tradesmen, we strugle to recruit quality decorators, but whats more apparent is other trades are stretched, sites are never ready for us due to other trades not completing on time

    so from this i summise theres a demand for low cost housing but not enough tradesmen to build them

    if this is the case in the north east i reckkon the rest of the country is on a par at least

    i think the demand is there but the capacity to fill it isnt, im pretty sure its the case with private development builders too but i dont work for them anymore so not up to speed with them

    Where in the northeast are you


      Totally agree just been away on hols with friends one has Sparky business in north east and can’t find decent Sparky’s at all and has now gave up on apprentices


        What you are noticing is the 18 year cycle kicking in to gear.......We are heading in to the second half of the cycle where building activity will increase massively. Expect increased wages - You can see this yourself as a lack of supply will make developers pay people more to get them on there jobs, I too have noticed this. Wages increase, houses become more affordable and the whole things kicks in to gear. I have said this for a number of years and I currently see no change coming in time to adjust this. Now is the wrong time to sell in my opinion.

        Look back through history and before every large uplift prices hit new highs......they have to hit new highs on the way to much higher prices but people seem to think it is time to sell because it is a new all time high. This is mis understanding the market


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