Do you think Brexit will really hurt us?

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    It isn't just your father in law who thinks that RedHitman:
    Morgan Stanley said Corbyn is more dangerous than a hard Brexit for the economy.
    Corbyn is more dangerous than just about anything in my opinion - and so many cannot see through him. He and his henchman McDonnell are the biggest threat to this country that we have seen in many years.
    Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


      Originally posted by RedHitman View Post

      Don’t you mean ‘won’t’....?
      Who has told you that you won't be able to offset your mortgage interest after 2020. You just might not be able to claim as much as you did!!


        Amazon Dean is correct , between now and the tax year starting 2020 there is a reducing % of mortgage interest which can be used, thereafter the 20% figure kicks in unless there are any subsequent changes imposed by whomever is the Chancellor. Never say Never


          I agree Corbyn is extremely dangerous but we are far away from electing such a left wing government and whether his meddling would be in time to disrupt the current cycle is doubtful


            I cannot understand why any UK bank or UK fund management investor wants to buy CDOs which they don't understand or rely on the Credit rating agencies :

            "Essentially, they packaged up sub-prime mortgages as something called Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs), got credit ratings agencies – who were entirely conflictedas their clients were the investment banks – to rate these absolute garbage CDOs triple-A investments. Morgan Stanley then misled investors who bought them."


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            • Libor v Base Rate
              My present bank only lends on Libor. I've taken my last 3 mortgage out with them on Libor + 3.25%
              Is this risky?...
              21-10-2018, 18:08 PM
            • Reply to Libor v Base Rate
              If your question was about the interest rate Libor +3.25%, Libor rate ( for 3-6 months ) is currently about 0.905 %.

              So you are paying approx 4.2% interest rate and I would expect you get notification of new rate from the bank.

              If you can change to a 5 years...
              21-10-2018, 23:02 PM
            • Reply to Libor v Base Rate
              I found this on the pimco website:
              SOFR and other alternatives to Libor: recent developments

              Over the past year, industry leaders and regulators have articulated tangible steps to implement alternatives to Libor, laying the foundation for markets to reference and build liquidity around...
              21-10-2018, 22:38 PM
            • How money is created :
              Here is something everyone should try to understand : How money is created :

              Money is more than banknotes and coins. If you have a bank account, you can use what’s in it to buy things, typically with a debit card. Because you can buy things with your bank account, we think of this...
              14-10-2018, 09:26 AM
            • Reply to How money is created :
              Still watching but not a great beginning..............."The system which is ultimately responsible for the inequality in our society today. The system which has kept them atop the financial food chain for the last 100 years"

              This all sounds very well if wealth inequality had...
              21-10-2018, 12:49 PM
            • Reply to How money is created :
              I think I linked to this several years ago:

              20-10-2018, 22:40 PM
            • Which mortgage to overpay?
              I want to clear my residential mortgage quicker. Have an interest only BTL that has a £300 surplus each month after the interest is paid. Seems an easy question but then tax relief on the BTL mortgage payments comes into play. The BTL is in the name of a basic rate tax payer.

              20-10-2018, 16:17 PM
            • Reply to Which mortgage to overpay?
              You have £300 per month surplus money and can reduce your mortgage loan by £3600 in one year.

              On your residential mortgage , you reduce your loan by £3600 and saving £72 interest ( at 2% ) next year

              On your BTL mortgage , you reduce your loan by £3600 and saving £144...
              20-10-2018, 21:44 PM
            • Reply to Which mortgage to overpay?
              Is this a trick question?

              Put some figures in and all relevant info.

              And please don't move the goalposts later on to reveal you are from the planet Zog, with diplomatic immunity and all rent is paid to an oak tree based in the Cayman islands receiving WTC.
              20-10-2018, 20:14 PM
            • help, what to do with mortgage?
              ok situation is:

              own a house that have been renting out and now want to sell. the house has been on the market for 9 months, which isn't unsual in this area. the tenant has now decided to move out and has bought there own place.

              im now staring at an interest only...
              07-10-2018, 10:01 AM