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  • Remortgages timing

    Hi, I just wanted to understand how other landlords approach remortgaging on several properties, in terms of timing?

    So, say you have your main residence mortgage, plus another BTL mortgage (or more), where you occasionally use equity growth towards buying further properties. Do you basically set up ALL your remortgages to complete on the same date and lasting the same period (or multiples of each other, say, so they expire together every other remortgage)? Then you can handle the reshuffling of equity in one go? Or is it better to remortgage at different times or with gaps? I'm just wondering how to best structure this, without a portfolio mortgage.


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    What is the advantage and disadvantage to you of remortgaging at same time or phased out at different times ?


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      If you are remortgaging , then timing should not become an issue , as with all mortgage offers , they remain valid for at least three months and therefore it is entirely down to you as to when , subject to legal processes being complete when you want to draw down the monies.


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        I was thinking along the lines of whether it's better to have everything in synch, so you could have a chain of remortgages/purchases on one day? Or to stagger them, so you get one mortgage approved under current circumstances, before expanding borrowing in a further transaction? So you may not have had the first mortgage approved if they took into account the later borrowing at that time. Does that make my question clearer?


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          philip cooper
          How true is it that they are raising minimum income to 30 k ?

          Very worrying for me...
          19-09-2017, 14:46 PM
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          philip cooper
          Totally understand. What it is with my situation . As its unique I need to know what order to mortgage my properties in. I know the first few but need to know last one to mortgage. As the last one could effect the first . If that makes sense....
          20-09-2017, 17:36 PM
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          dazwalsh, I do like your terminology , makes me smile.
          20-09-2017, 17:08 PM
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          Philip , the reason why Landlords use a broker is to determine which lenders have criteria which might accommodate specific applications. I appreciate that today BM and the likes of TMW have been easy to submit applications to but there are indeed others whose criteria might be suitable. BM is nolonger...
          20-09-2017, 16:00 PM
        • Reply to Bm solutons
          As per my promise to Bloetus
          I have been assured that BM will accept two applicants on the mortgage application where the combined incomes amount to at least £30000.
          20-09-2017, 15:57 PM
        • Reply to Bm solutons
          philip cooper
          Cannot go TMW as I own next door and Godiva I do not meet minimum house valuation....
          20-09-2017, 15:50 PM
        • Reply to Bm solutons
          The rules seem to have changed for portfolio landlords generally, so a similar process seems inevitable.
          Lenders have been told to consider the entire business and its trading position, rather than simply evaluate each purchase to see if it matches the same criteria as it would for a one-off purchase....
          20-09-2017, 15:42 PM
        • Reply to Bm solutons
          What about trying TMW or Godiva?
          (Or pm loanarranger for a personal search of the whole market)...
          20-09-2017, 15:30 PM