HIPs for rental properties?

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  • PB10gon
    Home Inspector training

    There is no mandatory requirement for home Inspectors - they produce Home Condition Reports.
    There is a requirement for DEAs to produce EPCs. Home inspectors can also do this but their training is for ever & very expensive.
    If you want to do your own EPCs do DEA training.

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  • Sportingdad
    i'm not surprised there's nothing to them, even Landlords can do the EPC themselves...it will only be a matter of time before we have a £5 DIY pack and Landlords can just give themselves (without visiting said property) the lowest rating which is not really going to effect the actual renting out of the property.

    So if you have a prospective tenant who says I demand to see the EPC and starts questioning anything maybe he's not the tenant you want, and of course the fine is £200 enforcable by Trading Standards, who, chances are will write requesting a copy of that hastily filled in DIY pack.

    All in all a bit of a mess

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  • Andy Smedley
    Dispelling the myths

    There is a lot of misunderstanding around as to what an EPC is and what it includes. Bad press from the Daily Mail and the like has not helped, not to mention estate agents.

    The EPC will give the property an energy rating depending on a number of factors such as build date, size, efficiency of the heating system and glazing etc. It will also the make recommendations on how to improve the efficiency giving scores for where the property is now and where it could be in the improvements were carried out.

    Although the scale is from A to G, the average house in the UK will only score a D, and it is almost impossible to score an A. There are no right or wrong scores though, the EPCs will allow potential tenants to compare properties and get a feel for what their heating and lighting bills are likely to be - no bad thing.

    As with Home Information Packs, it will take time for people to get used to them and recognise that they are actually a help and not a hinderance. As for cost, yes they will have to be paid for at approximately £70 plus vat per property, but it is all tax deductable.

    Any Landlords in the Midlands area are welcome to contact me for a quote for an EPC and beat the rush that is bound to occurr in October. Discounts are available for large portfolios.

    email andy@smedleyhomeinspections.co.uk

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  • rajeshk4u
    You don't need HIPS if you are renting out a property!!! Only Selling!!! (see mistake above)

    All residental rental property will need a EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).....

    It is only needed every 10 years!

    Oh man this governemt does make it hard for Landlords!

    If a tenant if looking for to rent a place or buy a place, they are not going to bother if it has a C or B rating!

    It is another governemt bureacracy against Landlords. If they really care about the environment - why not make it EPC mandatory for the entire country?

    Also, I think if a HIPS has been carried out in the last ten years, then the EPC should not be required. Since HIPS also includes a Energy Performance Certificate... so to avoid duplication....

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  • PaulF
    As far as I know from 1 October all properties that have a new tenancy after that date will require a full HIP not just an EPC. The Conservatives have vowed to scrap HIPs and any sensible person can see it's a complete waste of time, but that's the world we live in with a government whose successive Housing Ministers are hell-bent on creating havoc because they think they are right! I rest my case!

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  • fallenlord
    Have a look at this too:


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  • pcwilkins
    A quick google revealed the following page:


    They'll be required from 1 October 2008 --- earlier for larger buildings --- and will cost around £100. They're not called HIPS but Energy Performance Certificates.


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  • mazco
    started a topic HIPs for rental properties?

    HIPs for rental properties?

    Does anybody know anything about this job advert that was in our local paper last night?

    "Train as a Home Inspector
    Up to 2 million properties being sold every year now need Home Information Packs which must include an Energy Assessment carried out by thousands of newly trained Home Inspectors or Energy Assessors. More of these new professionals will be needed later this year for the rental sector when Government requires around 1.6 million properties being let to also have Energy Assessments

    We've heard nothing about this and wondered what on earth it's all about. Surely we're not going to have to do this for every rental property.
    We've just paid £500 for our own home that we're trying to sell and seen what a complete waste of time it is. Surely they aren't planning that we pay £500 for each rental property????

    I do wonder how genuine the ad is. It's clearly a training course - not a job. I expect you have to pay a fortune to do the course. I think it might be a sales ploy to get loads of people to pay up, do the course and earn loads of money if they can get a job. Of course, if that's the case it's still not good as that would be a con and people will get stung.

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