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    Will a Poor EPC rating affect Domestic Rents?

    I'm a part owner of eight rented flats. Four of these are located in one 1978 development and are indentical in size. They are on different floors and some are gas CH others electric storage.

    I haven't commissioned any EPCs yet, but I think the heating costs of the electric flats will be on average £15 to £20 a month more, spread across a year.

    Ok the rental market in the area is buoyant at the moment, so prospective tenants find it hard to negotiate, but if this changes I suspect the rents of the electric flats may have to be lower (but we do save on gas servicing and landlord's cert.)

    I understand that in retail properties the large chains routinely negotiate rents downwards for poor energy rated properties. Apparently 35% of the cost of ownership of a retail store over a 25 year lease can be due to fuel costs.

    EPC rating may only play a small part in purchasing decisions, but will it affect rents?



      I bought a D rated chest freezer a few years ago because the difference in cost for an A rated one was about 6 times the annual saving and I wasn't sure the freezer would last that long!

      Same kind of logic must apply to houses. How long will it take to recover the cost the improvement?

      Also has anyone given any thought to costing the energy used e.g. to produce the loft insulation material.

      As a conveyancing solicitor I believe the information given in the post to be useful (provided it relates to property in England & Wales) but I accept no liability except to fee-paying clients.


        Originally posted by Richard Webster View Post
        Also has anyone given any thought to costing the energy used e.g. to produce the loft insulation material.
        Or the volume of paper wasted in this whole pitifully pointless and needlessly exhorbitant EPC/ECR exercise?


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