Timber door not fitting into frame

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  • Timber door not fitting into frame

    When I moved into a flat 7 years ago, I found the one of the doors is a bit wider than the frame by 1 - 2mm. I want to get it right now, as I want to sell the flat.

    On some directories of trusted tradesmen, I found there are different types of carpenter, e.g. door fitting/hanging, joinery... I don't know which one is which.

    Any suggestions?

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    Strewth!! Well anyone of those should be able to trim a door! Phone up, describe your problem and see who will take it on.

    Having a new door hung is always the most pricey service I find. All woodworking person has to do is plane a bit off where it is sticking.

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      Buy a rasp or plane and a pot of paint. Or even a few sheets of heavy duty sandpaper if you want a bit more exercise.


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        This looks amazingly like "set-up" spam.

        Expect a joinery firm to be offering their services soon.


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          1. buy a smaller door, easy enough to hang.

          2. hire or buy power plane or even a sander.


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            The companies will fleece you on this sort of thing, pissy little nothing job so they will price high to avoid doing it but enough for it to be worthwhile doing, if that makes sense. i bet i could go and buy 3 brand new doors for the same money they will charge to plane and refit one door.

            No harm in learning how to do this yourself, youtube is very handy for this sort of thing.


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