Bit of a DIY question - Kitchen Door Foil Peeling

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  • Bit of a DIY question - Kitchen Door Foil Peeling

    Our rented out property is looking a little tired.

    Specifically, the kitchen doors, which are a medium oak effect thermofoil on MDF type, have had the foil peel back or bubble where previous tenants have boiled kettles etc nearby.

    I am enquiring from the kitchen manufacturers (Moores) about replacement doors, but as these date back to 2003, they will either be unavailable or the colour will be different due to fading.

    As the carcasses are also the same wood effect I am wondering the cheapest course to get the kitchen looking good again.

    I'm sure I'm not the only landlord who's had this issue.

    Should I:
    - peel off laminate from doors, and paint them and carcases with plain colour
    - try to find contrasting or matching doors from B&Q etc (expensive from the looks of it)
    - try to repair (seems impossible as laminate is hard and would crack.

    We;re considering selling now, so I just want to make it look neat - don't really want to be ripping out the entire kitchen for 3/4 dodgy doors.

    Any experiences would be most welcome.

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    They are probably garbage. You are not alone.

    The best thing you can do is to avoid this company.


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      They are indeed not good quality. Partner wants me to try a repair, but it looks like the bubbled foil is hard and will crack off if I touch it.

      Wonder what others have ended up doing...


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        Last year I inventoried a lovely house with a Moore's kitchen. It was awful, peeled, bubbled, it just looked odd, after about 5 months they were begging for a refund, to no avail!

        They lived with it/rented it for about 5 or 6 years then gave in a replaced it with a cheap and cheerful range from B+Q or similar. They just gave up, wrote off the expense and added an honest review to the numerous poor ones Moore's already have!

        Sorry! That probably is not what you want to hear.


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          Oh dear - we're lucky its lasted until now by the sounds of it.

          I'm hoping I can get away with doing something with the doors only. As we're likely to sell, its a case of making it look ok and the new owners can change the kitchen if they like.

          However if it was replacement doors I'd not match the wood effect carcases easily.


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            There are companies that "refoil" kitchen doors.


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