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    Dudley Turbo 88 Syphon

    This might interest you guys:

    I just spent a week trying to get a 25 year old close coupled toilet apart. The wing nuts under the cistern were rusted because no plumbers mait was used on the syphon, so I think it has been dripping water on them all that time. I even filled two Actimel bottles with engine oil and taped these over the nuts for two days, but it did not help. In the end I had to use a Bosch Multitool to cut off the bolts.

    However, this item looks like it eliminates the need to take the toilet apart when you need to repair it:

    Yes, but you still need to take it to bits one time.

    Far better are non close coupled toilets where changing the innards isn't such a pain. Cistern stays in place. And also when you install a thick toilet seat on a non close coupled it will stay up, on a close couple it will precariously balance.

    Changed a syphon on a non close couple for a flapper yesterday. One hour all in job done. And no flaffing about with plumbers mait reseating the cistern.


      Originally posted by andybenw View Post
      Yes, but you still need to take it to bits one time.
      Thanks Andy,

      Don't I know it!

      What you say about the thick toilet seat reminds me of my childhood home. The toilet seat would just about stay up, until my mother put one of those thick toweling covers on the lid. For a small boy to coordinate flies, willy & toilet seat was not easy.


        Afternoon all.

        Well this is a b*ggar: Today I've been putting all the new works in my cistern, and I find that the piece of bent wire that goes from the handle crank to the syphon is not long enough. (The plunger is always pulled up by about half an inch.)

        What am I doing wrong?



          You can get different sized syphons. Also some syphons come with 2 different length wire.
          You have probably just got the wrong size. One of the dudley 88's are height adjustable btw so if you have that you may be able to adjust upwards. .
          Make yourself a new wire/bodge the one you have got to the correct length is probably your best bet if you can't adjust the syphon or have a second wire.

          Then onto the next fun job, reseating the cistern with no leaks. Enjoy.....


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