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    EPC & grade of Double Glazing

    I've a 1/3rd of a house (to complete it) & a complete house to have double-glazed:

    Found suppliers (probably being fitted by my tame builder) - one of whom quotes "A" & "B" grade, B cheaper.

    Does the grade make any difference to any EPC assessment, please??

    Regards & thanks in advance..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

    Even if it did, do you think you'd be able to convince your EPC assessor of that, that you had the better windows, and that in view of that, your EPC grade should be higher?

    There's a lot of 'if's' there, all of which have to be fulfilled. More hassle than it's worth I think.


      The answer to the question is that the grades A, B and C relate to the quality (and thus the longevity) of the frames, not the glass, and whether you go for A or B makes only a minimal impact on the EPC in terms of improved energy efficiency. It's just more cost effective for the owner in the long run.
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        Because tenant is obviously too half-witted to take care of your property....
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        Constant running fans operate at a very low flow rate 'constantly'. Then, when it is required, it goes into a second speed and increases the extract rate. The perfect trigger for this is a Humidistat detector built into the unit. This keeps air moving within the room.

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        1a) Trading Standards can issue a penalty charge notice.
        1b) The EPC must be provided before a valid no fault eviction can be started.

        2) No

        3) Trading Standards.
        17-10-2019, 22:12 PM
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        I'd use a s21 notice IIWY, as long as tenant has not complained in writing.
        17-10-2019, 20:43 PM
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        To deal with condensation you need to think about heat and ventilation. Both the bathroom and kitchen are major generators of moisture and in the bathroom you should fit a high quality extractor fan that operates automatically when the moisture level is high, and make sure the radiator is working. In...
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        One small step - thank you for the advice. Just an update, I’ve been round in heavy rain to observe the outside and can’t see any issues with rendering etc. The roof has been check and is ok. This morning I’ve had a damp specialist out. It was a feee visit to diagnose the problem. They have said...
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