Handle on Siemens Washer Dryer

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    Handle on Siemens Washer Dryer

    I usually buy Miele Washer Dryers for my rental places, but three years ago I needed one in a hurry and had to settle for a Siemens WD14H520GB washer dryer.


    When I evicted my tenant in March, I found the door handle was missing, so I ordered a new one from Espares. This is such a flimsy item. Instead of being a solid piece of plastic, it is hollow, made of two thin pieces welded together. I fitted it, but the first time I tried it, the outer piece of plastic came adrift.

    Espares sent me another (equally flimsy) and I had to resort to Araldite to keep it in one piece. My present tenant now informs me that this has also failed.

    I am loath to dispose of a £1200 machine that works well in all other respects. Any ideas?

    Well, no one makes a decent handle, so you will have to make one or get someone to make one.

    There is no other way.
    Go to your local fabrication shop, " ( metal fabrication ) with handle and say i want one of these in steel with those pins, bushes, levers etc.


      Thanks RAM. That's an idea. I wonder if I could carve one out of wood.


        Originally posted by JK0 View Post
        I wonder if I could carve one out of wood.
        Yes but no.

        Before you start to whittle a handle, it's the law that you have to whittle a pipe to smoke while whittling the handle, and to sing sea shanties while whittling the pipe, so best to tie some string on the catch.

        ( douglas_macarthur )


          I went over to the flat at lunch time and struggled with that machine for an hour. It turned out that my tenant hadn't broken the handle again, however, I managed to break it with my struggling.

          The problem seems to be the child lock. A key symbol comes up on the display, and nothing we do will make it disappear. I've been on the phone to Siemens three times & downloaded the manual, but still no luck.

          In the end I decided to call the repair man. My tenant isn't free until Monday week, so that's when he's booked for. The poor woman has had her clothes rotting away in that machine for a week already. Fortunately her sister is also a tenant of mine, so I have suggested she uses sis's machine in the interim.


            My tenant rang me late on Saturday night. She had managed to open the machine, and wished me to cancel the repair man who was due on Monday morning. Fortunately Siemens kindly waived the call out charge.

            Maybe the whole problem was conjured up to get me over there, as I speculated in my Take a Break thread.


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