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    Insulate timber frame wall

    The latest flat I am working on has timber frame front & back walls, and concrete block internal ones.

    I am renovating the bathroom which will include replacing the plasterboard with cement board. I would like to insulate the exterior wall with these:

    I will probably need to remove the existing vapour barrier to get them in, and will replace it with new polythene below the cement board. Do I need a vapour barrier between the insulation and the plywood sheeting?

    Yes, I would think so - just in case. I have insulated a couple of similar builds now but from the inside with 100mm insulated plasterboard - room shrinks a bit but less invasive to the structure and it avoids the moisture barrier performance. The down side is re-mounting sockets and re-lining window/door reveals but the result is stunning.

    I have had a good look in the cavities in mine and it is a real mess of ripped membrane, wires and pipes.

    God only knows why councils allowed these freezing homes to be built in the first place.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Thanks Interlaken.

      Further investigation today reveals that there is about 1" of paper covered fibreglass against the plywood sheeting within the 4" stud bay. I'm now planning to probably remove all the old stuff and replace with 4" of new insulation.

      Anyone know if there is a problem with filling up the cavity like that?


        I expect someone will argue lack of air circulation but I might do as you suggest. If problems arise then just take it out again - if you are DIYing then it is only your own time lost.

        Let us know what happens long term.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Yesterday I pulled off all the plasterboard on the outside wall. This was an awful job, as it seemed to be infested with mould on both sides. Even the inside of the polythene vapour barrier was covered in mould.

          This guy recommends not using a vapour barrier, because of the mould problem.

          What do you guys think?

          Also, the Americans don't seem to have any board at all behind where the bath is. Would this be a good or bad idea in the UK climate?


            I know some of you are interested in my projects, so I took some photos today. This is last week's tiling work:


            BTW, you might notice all my tools are supported above the bath with a platform I made out of loft floor panels. When tiling in the past, I often used to drop tiles in the bath, which was not good for it. This is the pack I bought:

            I fastened them together with scrap timber that sits within the bath, staggering the board joints similar to the loft floor in the Wickes picture. It's strong enough to stand on the joint in the middle, and is only supported by the rim of the bath.


              Originally posted by JK0 View Post
              This is last week's tiling work
              Glad to see someone else using tile spacers in exactly the same way as me!


                Today's progress:


                These seem to be going up more easily than the ultra cheap white tiles I used last time. I think these mint green ones are more consistent in their size. You can see that today's wall is just plaster. No need for Aquapanel here, as there are no water appliances on this side.


                  This photo taken during today's work might interest you guys:


                  As usual I fixed a vertical batten roughly in the middle of the wall, and tiled away from it on one side, before removing it and tiling the other side. The black pencil strips are a different length to the green tiles, so require different spacing. I couldn't put the black ones in with the batten in place, and did not want to wait hours for the glue to dry before continuing. You can see that I discovered the 3mm Wickes spacers I am using are 18mm measured diagonally, and are perfect for leaving a space for the 12mm pencil strip & 3mm gap top & bottom.


                    Todays tiling progress:


                    I was a bit slow today, as those pipes got in the way.


                      Looks like a nice bit of tiling. You are doing well :-)

                      What are you going to do with the pipes - can they be tidied up?


                        Thanks Claymore.

                        Unfortunately not. I'll give them a lick of paint when I'm finished. Some of what you see here will be hidden by the WC tank and basin pedestal when they are reinstated.


                          Very neat JKO. I have asked why you use such small tiles in the past so presume this suits the style of the premises? That colour is very on trend at the moment.

                          I have use that Aqua board before with good results but more recently have gone on to Aqua Panel which is a very warm feeling Formica type stuff and with few joints. Because of the warmth condensation does not tend to form and no mold (so far).

                          Freedom at the point of zero............


                            Thanks Interlaken.

                            Even less progress today as I cut a few tiles incorrectly around that shaver socket. I got there in the end though:



                              Here's today's progress:


                              I spent ages cutting that soil pipe flush with the cement board with a pad saw, then realised I have the ideal power tool which you can see on the bath platform.



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